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  Treepz logo Treepz, Africa’s corporate mobility startup announces that its CEO & Co-founder, Onyeka Akumah, has been named a Techstars Global All-Star Mentor for 2023. Akumah’s achievement is especially remarkable, considering there are fewer than five All-Star Mentors from Africa among the 4,000+ Techstars Mentor Network globally. Over the past three years, he has […]

Kouga Local Municipality in the Easter Cape province in South Africa deploys Hi- Tech real-time technology in order to eliminate crime. The tourist attraction town is well known for its fascinating destinations like Jeffreys Bay, Saint Francis Bay, Cape Saint Francis and Humansdorp. Monitoring Centre Ensuring the . . .

Africa’s agritech potential is immense and encompasses various advanced solutions that leverage cutting-edge science and innovative engineering. Agriculture can help solve various issues, including food security, poverty reduction, and Africa’s economic transformation. Agriculture is a vital aspect of human civilisation that profoundly influences societies, economies, and cultures globally. Agricultural practices have significantly advanced throughout history […]

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. has released the Global Threat Index for March 2024. Recent investigations have unveiled cybercriminals’ use files to distribute the Remote Access Trojan (RAT) Remcos, circumventing conventional security protocols. 8 African countries are among the top 20 countries most targeted by cyber criminals.  These are Ethiopia (2), Zimbabwe (3), Maldives (4), […]

President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Afreximbank, Professor Benedict Oramah says “Afreximbank’s historic decision to hold the 31st Afreximbank Annual Meetings in The Bahamas will be the first time it has been held in the Caribbean. There is a hugely positive outlook for many African and CARICOM countries – as demonstrated by the IMF’s […]

In the dynamic landscape of financial technology, smart contracts emerge as a transformative force. These self-executing contracts, with terms directly coded into the agreement, have the potential to revolutionize how we initiate and enforce contracts. What are Smart Contracts? Smart contracts, at their core, are programs operating on a blockchain network. They automatically execute, control […]

Data centers play a vital role for banks and financial institutions by providing dependable and swift connectivity and processing power, thus mitigating the risks of errors or delays in real-time transactions. For these organizations, the reliability and efficiency of their private data centers are paramount. They frequently opt to own and operate their data centers […]

Commvault, a premier provider of cyber resilience and data protection solutions for hybrid cloud organizations, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ashley Baird. Baird is the new Vice President & Managing Director of Market Expansion for Commvault. With a wealth of experience in cloud technologies and go-to-market strategies. Baird will bolster Commvault’s leadership position […]

E-Tolls Officially Abolished: South Africa E-tolls in Gauteng, South Africa are now officially gone. Last night at 12am all systems went down- They go down in history as what the residents and motorists of Gauteng province at large call a ‘nightmare.’ This is because the motorists from this province believe that the e-tolls were […]

The current situation for telcos is a tricky one – they face a market where traditional revenues are declining, and the market is uncertain. As such, any market that can generate additional revenue streams for operators is vital. Therefore, the mobile financial services (MFS) market is one of central importance, which can drive new growth […]

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