Dear Reader, I can’t do my two favorite things right now — traveling and attending the theater with my family — because of the coronavirus. But when I can do these activities again, I have a simple request for White vacationers and theatergoers: Please stop staring at us. Don’t compliment us for doing what comes […]

Marshawn Wolley Access to capital is a top challenge Black businesses face, and addressing the issue could benefit from a culturally competent response. According to the most recent Federal Reserve Survey on Small Business Credit focused on Business of Color from 2022, Black businesses were the least likely to receive the full amount of funding […]

Gene Folkes had just been jettisoned as a contestant on “The Apprentice” and was commiserating with a crew member at a bar inside the lobby of Trump Tower. He was indignant — and not just at having been kicked off the reality show after its star, Donald Trump, had delivered his catchphrase: “You’re fired.” One […]

Al Harrington  RICHARD SHOTWELL, ASSOCIATED PRESS As a Black man who grew up in New Jersey in the 1980s and witnessed the effects of the war on drugs in my family and community, I never thought I’d be in the cannabis business. But then again, I never thought I’d be in the NBA, either. I […]

Editorial note to readers A version of this study was originally published on June 10. We previously used the term “racial conspiracy theories” as an editorial shorthand to describe a complex and mixed set of findings. By using these words, our reporting distorted rather than clarified the point of the study. Changes to this version include: an […]

WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) – The city of Wichita marks Juneteenth with “The Sounds of Juneteenth ICT”, with black-owned businesses showcasing what they have to offer, along with artists performing their songs. “The weather is beautiful, people are beautiful, the venue’s out here I’ve been shopping, I’m having a great time,” said Brenda Turner, Wichita resident. Turner […]

Theo Morgan is one of the founders of Terre Haute Day, which began modestly during the COVID pandemic in 2020. It’s actually a week of events leading up to Juneteenth, a recent national holiday observed on June 19 to celebrate the date that Texas finally freed its slaves two and a half years after the […]

Image credit: JLco – Julia Amaral on iStock It’s been nine years since Freddie Gray’s death at the hands of Baltimore police—an event that sparked protests that shook the city and led to what . . .

Black Entrepreneurs and Businesses of Canada Society offers certification program Governments and corporations in Canada spend billions each year procuring products and services, but Jackee Kasandy says that historically barely any has gone to businesses owned by Black people, and she wants that to change. Kasandy heads the British Columbia-based Black Entrepreneurs and Businesses of […]

<!– McHenry County Black business owners connect to build community, share resources –> Donna Lowe, center, talks about bringing McHenry County’s Black business community together at a Black History Month celebration Sunday at Donna Lowe Salon in Algonquin. Janelle Walker/Shaw Local News Network In Black communities, people don’t go to the salon or barber shop […]

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