Eugene “Butch” Flenaugh, Jr. came back home to Phillips County, Arkansas about five years ago to care for the family’s farm in the Mississippi River Delta bottomland. Today, when he looks out over the 400-plus acres that his family owns, he’s often nostalgic about the stories his father told him when the entire Delta River […]

Visitors to the Royal Lancaster hotel in London on February 12, 2020, were in for quite a surprise. BP’s new boss, Bernard Looney, bounded onto stage and committed to becoming “net zero” by 2050 — the first of the oil giants to do so. Even more ambitious was his plan the following August to slash […]

The Solution to a Toxic Co-Worker: Boundaries I started a job at a streaming company and almost immediately felt friction and tension with my manager and co-workers, many of whom have worked together at various companies for around 20 years. Their way of working and doing things felt outdated and nonsensical to me. I questioned […]

Asked to comment, Civic Committee President Kelly Welsh says: “We’re in early stages of addressing this challenge in business diversity and in developing a program in this regard.  “The thinking is that this is going to be a long-term commitment over years. We’ve engaged members and also have gotten tremendous pro bono support from McKinsey […]

Black-owned acceleration organization /dev/color recently announced its partnership with visual discovery platform, Pinterest, to help support its mission of changing the tech industry for good.  The $3 million partnership launched last year is dedicated to elevating Black technologists and leaders throughout the tech industry. Both companies will provide coaching and mentorship programs to help empower […]

38% of Black investors under 40 own cryptocurrency, compared to 29% of white investors under 40. When the price of bitcoin dropped in June, the Black community was disproportionately affected. Kiersten and Julien Saunders of rich & REGULAR say you can still bounce back and build wealth. Loading Something is loading. After a long bull […]

The event honored area business leaders that helped his foundation with Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban as the keynote speaker. NORFOLK, Va. — Portsmouth native Dorian Finney-Smith admits he’s more a casual dresser. “I hit 30 next year, so we’ll see”, he smiled. The elegance of the downtown Norfolk Marriott had the former Norcom Greyhound’s first […]

For decades, Hillsdale College and Grove City College mirrored each other. Fiercely independent, neither takes any federal dollars, including government-backed student loans, in order to be exempt from most federal rules. Located in bucolic settings — Hillsdale in agricultural southern mid-Michigan and Grove City in the hills of western Pennsylvania — one feels smarter simply by stepping […]

(MENAFN- PRLog) Sharifah Hardie LONG BEACH, Calif. – July 29, 2022 – PRLog — Sharifah Hardie today announced the launch of Support My Black Business , a crowdfunding platform designed solely to assist local Black businesses generate funding, as well as her intent to raise $1.5B across the newly launched platform to help Black businesses […]

The chief executive of 3BlackDot Holdings Inc. has bought the business, making it one of the few Black-owned media companies at a time when many marketers say they want to spend more money with such enterprises. Reginald Cash said he acquired 3BlackDot, a media and marketing company focused on videogamers, from French publisher Webedia SA. […]

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