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  At the height of the global financial crisis in 2008, I walked through the doors of Coutts to start a career that opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities. I came into Private Banking with nothing more than a strong ambition to succeed, and a desire to show others that a career […]

Opening a business during a pandemic will surely put your skills to the test. I gained a lot of experience building teams and leading multimillion-dollar retail accounts for Fortune 500 organizations to withstand the recession. Now, I find myself using those same skills as a small business owner. As entrepreneurs, we try our best to […]

A variety of Black-owned restaurants in Louisville are providing discounts in the coming days as part of 502 Black Eats Week. Dozens of participating food vendors across the city will offer the promotion to customers who mention 502 Black Eats Week. The initiative is meant to bring more awareness to restaurants and other food industry […]

Sophie Chandauka MBE, chair of the Black British Business Awards, said: “This group of finalists is extraordinary because of the pandemic, geopolitical and socioeconomic circumstances surrounding their accomplishments. “We celebrate this breathtaking group of professionals and entrepreneurs who are competing on the global stage, representing the very best Britain has to offer. They remind us […]

“Representation matters,” right? In politics, business and everywhere else in society. And “diversity is our strength,” as the well-worn phrase goes. But do they really matter — in and of themselves, and not just when they lead to an outcome that you like? The question arises because women and minorities are taking the leading roles […]

Black people are more prone than White people to develop Alzheimer’s yet represent only 2% of those in clinical trials— Bloomberg (@business) October 1, 2022 (SocialLY brings you all the latest breaking news, viral trends and information from social media world, including Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. The above post is embeded directly from the […]

I recently discovered that if you walk around New York City while carrying a colonial-era musket, you get a lot of questions. “You gonna shoot some redcoats?” “Where’s your well-regulated militia?” “What the hell, man?” Questions aside, a musket can come in handy. When . . .

Diana Sinclair Neesmith Onzeur Celebrated visual artist Diana Sinclair’s first solo exhibition is serving as the launchpad for Christie’s 3.0, the auction house’s new platform for on-chain NFT sales. Phases, a curated auction of nine NFTs, is currently open for bidding through October 11 and on exhibition at Christie’s New York . . .

Knoxville’s first Black-owned brewery is open and . . .

An entrepreneurial couple have developed a sensory gift box and board game to teach people about black culture. Justina and Max Lambert, from Dartford, came up with the idea as a way to get people to discuss different ways of life. The couple, who are parents of five, own Max’s Caribbean Kitchen in Dartford and […]

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