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For years, two communities in the Curare-Los Ingleses Indigenous Reserve in southeast Colombia have worked to protect the black caiman — the largest predator in the Amazon River basin, which was hunted to near extinction in the area for its highly-prized skin. Now, with support from a Conservation International partnership that combined scientific measures with […]

Darius Butler will devote four weeks this summer traveling between Washington, D.C.; Cape Town, South Africa; and Dublin, Ireland, to learn from the legacies of social justice giants who made global footprints. Now completing his third year at Oberlin, Butler is one of 12 U.S. college students selected to take part in the Frederick Douglass […]

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – A lot of studies have focused on the economic cost of global heating, caused by humans burning fossil fuels. A new study in Nature Sustainability “Quantifying the human cost of global warming,” by Timothy M. Lenton et al. instead concentrates on what heating will mean for the lives of human […]

Adam Levy: 0:03 Hello, I’m Adam Levy and this is Working Scientist, a Nature Careers podcast. This episode: online harassment and online community. In this series, we’re investigating how the society in which science takes place can impact that research, as well as the researchers carrying it out. As previous episodes have laid out, these […]

Knelt over bright cherry hardwood, 42-year-old Tingqun Zhang unfolded a 20-foot canvas over his living room floor. Slightly frayed edges frame the abstract piece while streaks of yellow, orange and green acrylic paint compromise for space in the foreground. Blots of blue submit to black and gray, and a curious pink peeked through occasionally.  “Others […]

LANGKAWI: The Republic of Korean Air Force’s (ROKAF) Black Eagles, a South Korean air force unit, that are making their third appearance at Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2023 (LIMA ’23) here this year, have expressed their honour to be able to fly their aircraft in Malaysian airspace. The unit’s chief pilot, Major Yang […]

The Magnum photographer Emin Özmen remembers the day in 1993 when radical Islamists set fire to the Madımak Hotel in his hometown of Sivas, Turkey, killing 37 people. Intellectuals and artists had gathered there for a festival honoring a 16th-century Alevi poet. Many of those who died were themselves Alevis, members of a Muslim sect […]

All black, all the time: Black diamonds, black pearls, onyx, black spinels, obsidian and blackened gold are just some of the materials turning up recently in fine jewelry creations. And while some of the appeal may spill over from that enduring classic, the little black dress, for many, dark gems seem to match the goth […]

The black market for the top tickets at the Cannes Film Festival is in full swing. While industry professionals and accredited journalists get in free, there are many general punters who show up in the hope of blagging or buying entry to the hottest events on the Cannes Croisette. Many hang around — ready to […]

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A criminal investigation in Texas over the hesitant police response to the Robb Elementary School shooting is still ongoing as Wednesday marks one year since a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers inside a fourth-grade classroom in Uvalde. The continuing probe underlines the lasting fallout over Texas’ deadliest school shooting […]

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