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The day before he beat the greatest chess player in the world, Hans Niemann was a curly-haired 19-year-old American known only to serious fans of the game and mostly as an abrasive jerk. Everyone, it seems, has a story. Like that time in June, when he’d lost in the finals of a tournament in Prague, […]

CNN  —  As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, foreign students attempting to leave the country say they are experiencing racist treatment by Ukrainian security forces and border officials.

CNN  —  Black adults in America are nearly 40 points more likely than the general population to say that their racial background is central to the way they think about themselves, according to

LONDON — For roughly three decades, making sure athletes participated in the biggest events regardless of the world’s never-ending military and political battles has been a nearly sacrosanct tenet of international sports. Wars broke out. Authoritarian nations with egregious records on human rights hosted major events. There were massive doping scandals. And through it all, […]

But the market’s recent call for more representation has produced troubling new tropes. In various forms, successful novels will center the encounter between a Black protagonist and a white social environment. In “Such a Fun Age” and “Luster,” a protagonist enters into white domestic space, unsettling the privileged lives of their white female counterparts. In […]

Donald ended up transitioning from relaxed to natural hair with the help of hairstylist Rejane Moura. The Brazilian-born natural-hair stylist, who once worked alongside the cofounders of now defunct Miss Jessie’s Salon, aims to provide a relaxing atmosphere for her curly-haired clients. A not-so-gentle push from a friend of Donald . . .

The long odds Black Americans face in climbing the economic ladder aren’t due to a glitch or some inadvertent bug that we’ve overlooked. It’s a feature of the everyday systems that deny generational opportunity to people of color by refusing equitable access to capital. This month, Major League Soccer became

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‘It’s time for black ownership’: Stephen A. Smith urges the NFL to allow black suitors to take control of the Washington Commanders… and suggests Jay-Z and Beyonce make an offer! ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith says now is the time for a black NFL owner  It follows Washington owner Dan Snyder’s decision to explore options […]

With 20 national championships across six disciplines and nine international gold medals, Joseph Gray is the most decorated American mountain runner, by a wide margin. In the broader discipline of trail running — which includes everything from 100-mile ultramarathons to ultra-steep one-kilometer races — he’s in the pantheon of the best ever, too, as a […]

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