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Stock Perks Program Unlocks Exclusive Rewards to Verified Retail Shareholders Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 5:00 AM MDT|Updated: 23 minutes ago DETROIT, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GameOn Entertainment Technologies (CSE: GET) (OTCQB:GMETF) (FSE: 9E7) (“GameOn”), a company that pairs the most-watched content in the world with the most innovative fan engagement technologies, is bringing its […]

The National Park Service (NPS) recently put out a press release along with several posts on social media about three wolves killed during Montana’s wolf hunting season. It seems that those wolves left the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park. Of course the “mainstream media” ran with the story. Social media also ran wild with this […]

This article is part of our latest Fine Arts & Exhibits special report, about how art institutions are helping audiences discover new options for the future. WASHINGTON — It is being compared to the waking of Sleeping Beauty. In just a few weeks, the long dormant, 140-year-old Arts . . .

A recent paper by Dr. Ross and Dr. Williams, who are close friends, examines Panama and Colombia as a test case. An ancestry estimation might suggest people from both countries would have similarly shaped skulls. But population affinity acknowledges that the trans-Atlantic slave trade and colonization by Spain resulted in new communities living in Panama […]

Apple’s biggest new MacBook Pro comes with a 16.2-inch screen, same as we’ve seen for the past two years. But the smaller MacBook Pro had its screen bumped up to 14.2 inches, which should let you see at least a little more of the action on screen than before. Size wasn’t the only change Apple […]

Prof Brian Cox’s new show, Universe, is a scientific creation story. He tells us why the series doesn’t shy away from the unknown, why he sees the stars as gods, and why he wants to launch Boris Johnson into space. What can viewers expect from your new show? It’s at one level a cosmology series. […]

The Business of Fashion is pleased to announce the latest group of confirmed speakers for BoF VOICES 2021, returning to Soho Farmhouse from December 1 to 3, 2021, bringing the movers, shakers and trailblazers of the global fashion industry together with the big thinkers, entrepreneurs and inspiring people who are shaping the wider world. With […]

ABINGDON, England — Harnessing fusion energy into something commercially viable — and maybe, ultimately, a clean source of power that replaces fossil fuels for centuries to come — has long been considered by some as the ultimate moonshot. But investor interest in fusion energy continues to slowly rise, and the number of start-ups in the […]

The store shelves might still be full of Halloween candy, but retailers are nudging shoppers to start thinking about the holidays, rolling out a variety of offers and incentives to encourage people to sign up for subscription services to score sought-after gifts. Walmart announced Monday that members of its Walmart+ subscription service will get a […]

Why did you choose to study at NYU? I always had a fascination with New York City. My father grew up on the Lower East Side before he moved to California. So that’s I where he met my mother and where I grew up, but as I got older I knew that I really wanted […]

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