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By Rachel Wallach / Published March 30, 2023 On a recent chilly afternoon, a cluster of Johns Hopkins students and instructors makes its way through rows of headstones and family plots in a pocket of southwest Baltimore. The gray of the late-winter sky is almost the same shade as the 19th and 20th century grave […]

Sometimes it seems as though scientific advancement occurs at such a rapid pace that its effects on society are barely considered until they have already happened. A new center established at Caltech seeks to examine this intersection of science and society, provide a forum for the discussion of scientific ethics, and help shape public science […]

The meatball made with woolly mammoth DNA was unveiled at a museum in the Netherlands this week. Aico Lind In a sense, the extinct woolly mammoth has returned—as a meatball. On Tuesday, an Australian cultured meat start-up revealed a sphere of lab-grown meat, produced with a DNA sequence from the elephant-like mammal. But you won’t […]

Biases in AI tools such as those used to detect signs of disease could exacerbate inequalities in health care.Credit:Jiraroj Praditcharoenkul/Alamy A lack of racial and gender diversity could be hindering the efforts of researchers working to improve the fairness of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in health care, such as those designed to detect disease from […]

Centuries-old horse skeletons from the American Southwest are helping rewrite a colonial myth: When the Spanish colonized the region in the 17th century, they didn’t introduce horses to Indigenous people, as long thought. Instead, horses were present in the Southwest long before Europeans, and were traded by Indigenous people who formed close, sacred relationships with […]

PRESS RELEASE Published March 30, 2023 1 What is continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)? CGM refers to the monitoring technology that can indirectly reflect the blood glucose level by monitoring the glucose concentration in the subcutaneous interstitial fluid with a glucose sensor. Being capable of providing continuous, comprehensive, and reliable all-day blood glucose information, it can identify […]

Research from more than 50 projects, groups, and centers was shared at the 2023 Pratt Research Open House (ROH) held on Friday, March 10. Launched in 2018, ROH annually features groundbreaking research by students, faculty, and staff from across disciplines. This year marked a return to a public in-person event and celebrated the debut of […]

Credits Jacob Dreyer is a writer and editor based in Shanghai. – ONE – “If wealth doesn’t grow, common prosperity will become … a tree without roots.”— Liu He SHANGHAI — As the story goes, when Zeng Liansong set out to design the flag for the brand new People’s Republic of China back in 1949, thoughts of the cosmos […]

ROTC Open House Saturday, April 19 a.m. – 4 p.m.Summerall FieldFree, open to the public The Palmetto Battalion is holding an ROTC Open House on Saturday, April 1 at The Citadel. Those interested in attending can meet recent Palmetto Battalion comissionees who can answer questions about the program and the opportunities in the Army, as […]

The UK Government’s new net zero strategy launched today in Britain’s oil capital Aberdeen has attracted criticism for being ‘watered down’, as well as demonstrating a lack of urgent action and consistency in tackling the challenge of climate mitigation and adaptation. Scientists have recently issued a ‘

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