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The Download: a big DeepMind breakthrough, and fixing the US grid  MIT Technology Review Source link

You never know what horrors may be lurking at the bottom of a swamp. Bogs, meanwhile, sound comical. Marshes are pleasanter, although bring malaria to mind, while wetlands emanate wholesomeness but are also wet in the “meh” sense of take it or leave it. Yet, as Tom Blass explains, these words all refer to the […]

Will emerging technologies like AI increase the risk of nuclear war? We are in an era of rapid disruptive technological change, especially in AI. Therefore, the nascent journey to reorient military forces to prepare for the future digitized battlefield is no longer merely speculation or science fiction. “AI technology” is already fused into military machines, […]

To create Pitt’s Public Health Science Academy, take 10 teenagers from three Pittsburgh high schools, add 10 faculty mentors, mix with inspiration for four weeks and finish with possibly life-changing results. That’s the recipe that School of Public Health Dean Maureen Lichtveld crafted to attract more underrepresented students to the field, as well as to […]

The headlines in mid-June were unequivocal. “Ground zero for the Black Death finally found after 600 years,” one read. The news that researchers, primarily from Scotland and Germany, had identified northern Kyrgyzstan as the origin point for the medieval plague garnered attention around the world. “Our study puts to rest one of the biggest and […]

Share on PinterestLGBTQ+ youth may experience different levels of trauma that impact their mental health. Jaouad k/Getty ImagesA recent report has found that LGBTQ youth who have experienced high levels of trauma are over three times more likely to attempt suicide.More than one in three young LGBTQ people experienced such levels of trauma in the [...]

BLACK ENTERPRISE will present its first Future of Financial Services Summit: Fintech, Cryptocurrency and . . .

Black women are more likely to die from breast cancer, but are often overlooked in trials studying the disease. A team of community-based researchers — plus a survivor, hair stylist, and more — are working to prevent these deaths. Tiah Tomlin-Harris got breast cancer at 38, without any family history of the disease. Tomlin-Harris, who […]

In February, a researcher sent a shock wave through the cryptography community by claiming that an algorithm that might become a cornerstone of the next generation of internet encryption can be cracked mathematically using a single laptop. This finding may have averted a massive cybersecurity vulnerability. But it also raises concerns that new encryption methods for […]

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – If you take a trip to the Sankofa Community Orchard, you will discover more than 20,000 honeybees working together. The bees are a part of a new experience in the city of Richmond called City Bees RVA. “The Sankofa Community Orchard is a great place to have honeybees. There are so […]

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