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The first discovery of fluorescence in frogs was a complete accident — someone had a black light UV light, shone it on a frog and then did a double take. (Courtney Whitcher) Courtney Whitcher always loved biology and learning about how things work. Little did she know that she’d find an interest in the world […]

On Twitter itself, researchers said the increase in hate speech, antisemitic posts and other troubling content had begun before Mr. Musk loosened the service’s content rules. That suggested that a further surge could be coming, they said. More on Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover An Established Pattern: Firing people. Talking of bankruptcy. Telling workers to be “hard […]

Comment on this story Comment BALTIMORE — The lesson on historical racism in the United States started with an exploration of Haitian Vodou and its American cousin, Voodoo. Broaching such a topic would probably be verboten in an . . .

Honoring Walmart President & CEO Doug McMillon and hosted by ABC News’ Juju Chang and ESPN’s Hannah Storm, the event raised a record-breaking $7 million for the nonprofit’s national social impact efforts NEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Last night, the Ad Council, America’s leading organization harnessing the power of communications for social change, […]

Many see veganism simply as a diet free of meat or animal products. Images of PETA campaigns and protests may even come to mind. For Artinces Smith, founder of “Fabulously Vegan,” becoming a lifestyle vegan started with a Black vegetarian teacher in grade school. “My friends and I were wondering, ‘What is she eating for […]

In science fiction – think films and TV like “Interstellar” and “Star Trek” – wormholes in the cosmos serve as portals through space and time for spacecraft to traverse unimaginable distances with ease. If only it were that simple. Scientists have long pursued a deeper understanding of wormholes and now appear to be making progress. […]

The following is an excerpt from How Far The Light Reaches: A Life In Ten Sea Creatures by Sabrina Imbler. Disclaimer: When you purchase products through the link on this page, Science Friday may earn a small commission which helps support our journalism.   Buy The Book How Far The Light Reaches: A Life In Ten […]

Ashleigh Panoo / EdSource Students and a security guard at Tehipite Middle School stand around some of the trees planted to mitigate pollution. Ashleigh Panoo / EdSource Students and a security guard at Tehipite Middle School stand around some of the trees planted to mitigate pollution. Do you count on EdSource’s education coverage? If so, […]

Eric Jjemba is one of six recipients of the Ally Financial Law and Public Policy Scholarship. Ines Chomnalez 12:19 am, Dec 02, 2022 Staff Reporter Tim Tai, Photography Editor Eric Jjemba LAW ’25 first remembers learning about the importance of securing democratic values from his parents . . .

2. Kingfisher taps Fluent Commerce OMS tech, starting with B&Q roll-out Kingfisher is to deploy Fluent Commerce’s Order Management System (OMS), with the aim of supporting the Group’s online retail business and enhancing customer experience.  The solution will first be rolled out at B&Q.

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