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The world of artificial intelligence is expanding, and a group of AI experts at Northeastern wants to make sure it does so responsibly. Self-driving cars are hitting the road and others’ cars. Meanwhile a facial recognition program led to the false arrest of a Black man in Detroit. Although AI has the . . .

When the ancient skeleton of a Gorgosaurus goes up for auction for the first time today, whoever buys it will have also bought the unusual opportunity to name it. About 77 million years old, the Gorgosaurus is a relative of the deadly Tyrannosaurus rex, but faster and with a stronger bite force, according to Sotheby’s, […]

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have become increasingly widespread over the last decade. As the use of AI has become more common and the performance of AI systems has improved, policymakers, scholars, and advocates have raised concerns. Policy and ethical issues such as algorithmic bias, data privacy, and transparency have gained increasing attention, raising calls for […]

Comment on this story Comment John Eliff wasn’t sure about painting a horse. Eliff, 91, stood beside Stetson, an 11-year-old palomino. He picked up a foam paintbrush, dipped it into a cup of purple paint and gingerly laid it on the horse’s pale-gold flank.

Comment on this story Comment I have lost many a Saturday to long YouTube binges. I wish I were kidding. Usually, it’s to the charming lads at Sorted Food doling out cooking advice. Other times, that time suck is caused by . . .

Rep. Burgess Owens of Utah is one of two Black Republicans running for reelection to the U.S. House. Caroline Brehman / CQ-Roll Call, Inc / Getty Images In today’s Congress, Republicans are still far more likely than Democrats to be white. But after the midterm elections in November, a record number of Black Republicans could […]

With mass shootings continuing in schools across the country, San Diego Unified leaders are going to voters in November for approval to borrow $3.2 billion to pay for security and safety improvements. The district Board of Education unanimously voted on the bond package Tuesday. If approved by district voters, $296 million would pay for security and […]

What is a key way to build a stronger U.S. scientific community for the future? By expanding learning opportunities to a broad range of interested students now. That goal is the foundation for a well-rounded science education program in the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources this summer. The 10-week program, with the theme […]

Every Thursday night, at an invitation-only event in an upscale Singapore hotel, a small group enjoys a four-course dinner while watching videos about an unfolding environmental crisis. Menus in the dimly lit room at the JW Marriott are designed to highlight the environmentally destructive impact of industrial cropping and livestock breeding. Corn is served three […]

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Hispanic and Black Americans have suffered higher rates of hospitalization and death from COVID-19 than white Americans. A new Penn State study analyzed data collected when COVID-19 vaccines first became available to determine whether these racial and ethnic disparities are related to vaccine hesitancy. Among their findings, the team discovered that […]

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