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In Idaho, police recently found 31 members of a white supremacist group packed into the back of a U-Haul truck, apparently on their way to an LGBTQ+ pride event in the town of Coeur d’Alene. Further west, a crew of Proud Boys interrupted a drag queen event in California, intimidating parents and children and screaming […]

Placeholder while article actions load Garnell Whitfield was testifying about his 86-year-old mother, Ruth, shot dead last month along with nine other Black people in a Buffalo, N.Y., supermarket, allegedly by a white supremacist motivated by the racist “great replacement” conspiracy theory.

Brooke Jenkins, a former assistant district attorney who is now a spokesperson of the recall effort against Boudin, is also a former hate crimes prosecutor in the DA’s office. She said hate crime charges could have been pursued in Zhou’s case using the hateful slur captured on video. “In my view, in that case, it […]

No one has been arrested in any of the cases. The community where the salon shooting took place is known as the Asian Trade District and is within the city’s Koreatown. It is home to a growing Asian American population, and signs for Korean hair salons and Korean barbecue shops can be seen along the […]

The suspected gunman in the attack on Tops Friendly Market was identified as Payton Gendron, of Conklin, New York, about 320 kilometres south-east of Buffalo. It wasn’t immediately clear why Payton had travelled to Buffalo and that particular grocery store. A clip apparently from his Twitch feed, posted on social media, showed Gendron arriving at […]

Russia launched missile attacks Tuesday on the Black Sea port of Odesa, Ukrainian officials said, as Moscow attempted to disrupt critical weapons shipments and supply lines into Ukraine in the 11th week of the grinding war. The Ukrainian military said Russia fired seven missiles at Odesa targets, hitting a shopping center and a warehouse, killing […]

As Russia’s Monday holiday commemorating Nazi Germany’s defeat in World War II approached, cities across Ukraine prepared for an expected increase in Russian attacks. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged residents numbed by more than 10 weeks of war to heed air raid warnings. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Saturday that Zelenskyy and his people […]

The leader of the Belarusian opposition called on the United States to enact sanctions on the government of Belarus that mirror those imposed on Moscow. In meetings with the US State Department and members of Congress this week, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya said she discussed both strengthening future sanctions and closing loopholes on existing ones. She also […]

Russia attacks Mariupol defenders, Ukrainian official says Missiles hit Odesa facility, Ukraine says Zelenskiy announces visit by U.S. officials, U.S. does not KYIV, April 24 (Reuters) – Russia resumed its assault on the last Ukrainian . . .

KYIV, Ukraine — A day after Moscow suffered a stinging symbolic defeat with the loss of the flagship of its Black Sea fleet, Russia’s Defense Ministry promised Friday to ramp up missile attacks on the Ukrainian capital in response to Ukraine’s alleged military “diversions on the Russian territory.” The threat of intensified attacks on Kyiv […]

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