Colin Powell, the first Black U.S. secretary of state, has died of complications from COVID-19, his family said on Facebook. He was 84. In a statement, the Powell family wrote that he passed away from unspecified COVID complications early on Monday morning, and added: “We want to thank the medical staff at Walter Reed National […]

Colin Powell: Former US secretary of state dies of Covid complications  BBC News Source link

As a result of targeted efforts in diverse communities across the Magnolia State, Mississippi State Department of Health data show nearly half of all Black residents have received at least one COVID-19 shot, and 43% are fully vaccinated.  Those numbers put Mississippi ahead of the national rate for vaccinations among Black residents — with 37% taking […]

Wear masks. Socially distance. Stay home when sick. Get vaccinated. Get tested. Hawaii Gov. David Ige, Department of Health Director Libby Char and other officials have been telling us for many months now how best to guard against Covid-19. They say it’s about taking personal responsibility and also about being responsible toward fellow citizens. So […]

Despite playing a scientist in Black Panther, actress Letitia Wright is under fire for her stance on the COVID-19 vaccine. According to The Hollywood Reporter, new details claim Wright fired her U.S. public relations team after she faced backlash for the skepticism she expressed over COVID-19 vaccines. In December 2020, Wright made headlines after posting […]

At a rowdy rally to protest against mask mandates in New York on Monday, some participants carried Australian flags and joined in with chants such as “Save Australia”. Many Australians were

“My beliefs are religious. I believe that my creator endowed me with an immune system that protects me, and if I get sick, that’s an act of God. I would not take a medicine that affects the immune system,” said Ms Cushman. She denies there is any conflict between these beliefs and the responsibilities of […]

A Hispanic business owner who sued Oregon for blocking her from the state’s COVID-19 relief fund exclusively for Black business owners will be getting a payout after all, as the state agreed this week to settle the lawsuit over their race-based program. Maria Garcia, who owns Revolución Coffee House in

Carl Wilson receives the COVID-19 vaccination at the New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home at Menlo Park in Edison, N.J., in January. The early and rapid rollout of coronavirus vaccines by the Veterans Health Administration saved hundreds of lives and provided robust protection in the diverse, older veterans community, according to a study published Oct. 6, […]

Drugmaker Merck has said that its experimental pill for people sick with COVID-19 reduced hospitalisations and deaths by half, in a potential leap forward in the global fight against the pandemic. If cleared by regulators, it would be the first pill shown to treat COVID-19. The company said it will soon ask health officials in […]

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