The incredible story of the ‘Fake sheikh’ from Michigan who conned millions from investors by claiming to be a Saudi prince and how an eagle-eyed billionaire blew his cover at a business lunch. He drove Ferraris, wore diamond Rolexes, and even had the coveted Amex black card.

Written by on March 19, 2023

Meet His Royal Highness Khalid bin al-Saud, who is not a prince; in fact, he isn’t even from Saudi Arabia. The con man who maneuvered in an entourage of Rolls-Royces and Ferraris is serviced by uniformed housekeepers, and armed bodyguards chalked out a plan seasoned swindlers could pull off for a while, but the fake sheik executed the persona for thirty years! 52-year-old Anthony Gignac’s cover was finally blown with a sentence of 18.5 years in prison for impersonating Saudi royalty to fraudulently . . .

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