STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Each year, holiday shoppers hit the stores in search of deep discounts on Black Friday. The shopping day has certainly changed through the years. At one point, some stores shifted to open on Thanksgiving, causing the one-day shopping frenzy to start early. And then of course, the past couple of holiday […]

The Biden-Harris Administration announces U.S. commitments to implement the Declaration on U.S.-Pacific Partnership The first-ever United States-Pacific Island Country Summit marks a new milestone in U.S.-Pacific cooperation. It builds on a long history, forged in sacrifice in World War II and reinforced by strong people-to-people ties. As an outcome of the Summit, the President and […]

US Coast Guard to match ‘presence with presence’ with regards to ‘strategic competitors’ who operate in and around US waters. A US Coast Guard vessel on routine patrol in the Bering Sea off Alaska has reported an encounter with a Chinese guided missile cruiser which was later discovered to be travelling with two other Chinese […]

I. Executive Summary Snake Island is a rocky outcrop less than one square kilometer in size but of huge geostrategic significance to the Black Sea and beyond. Military control of the island and surrounding waters affects all shipping routes connecting Ukraine to the rest of the world through the Black Sea, as well as those […]

Hong Kong CNN Business  —  Leaders of America’s biggest banks say they would follow any US directive on pulling business from China if Taiwan is ever attacked by Beijing. JPMorgan

A US Navy ship, the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Higgins, conducted a “routine Taiwan Strait transit” on Tuesday, US Navy spokesperson Lt. Mark Langford said in a statement. The US ship conducted the transit “in cooperation with Royal Canadian Navy Halifax-class frigate HMCS Vancouver,” Langford said. The two ships “transited through a corridor in […]

If you are a small island state with few allies, not recognised by the United Nations, and threatened with invasion by a much larger and more powerful neighbour, then getting a visit by the third most powerful politician in the United States should be something you welcome. Right? Source link

Oliver Berry offloads potable water to a tanker truck at the pier in Kiritimati, Republic of Kiribati (USCG) Published Jul 10, 2022 11:32 PM by The Maritime Executive The U.S. Coast Guard is investing in increased reach in the South Pacific, where it is often the most visible U.S. government presence in far-flung island nations. Its […]

Ukraine hoists flag on recaptured Black Sea island Russia carries out air strike on island UK PM and staunch Ukraine supporter Johnson resigns Russia shells and probes new territory it seeks

On June 29, 1788, imperial Russian troops laid siege to Ozi, an Ottoman fortress on the northern Black Sea coast. On the same day, a Russian naval squadron, commanded by Admiral M.I. Voinovich, left Sevastopol in Crimea for Ozi. Their mission was to prevent any Turkish attack on the Crimean shores and also to offer […]

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