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America’s first Black astronaut candidate goes to space 60 years after training

America’s first Black astronaut candidate finally rocketed into space 60 years later, flying with Jeff Bezos’ rocket company on Sunday. Ed Dwight was an Air Force pilot when President John F Kennedy championed him as a candidate for NASA’s early astronaut corps. But he wasn’t picked for the 1963 class. Dwight, now 90, went through […]


Adams, Reyna, Turner, Ream are US concerns ahead of Copa America

CHICAGO —  Tyler Adams, Gio Reyna, Matt Turner and Tim Ream, all coming off club seasons in which they saw little playing time over the final three months, were among 27 players picked Monday for the U.S. roster for a pair of friendly games ahead of the Copa America. Goalkeeper Zack Steffen was left off by […]


TikTok warns it will go black in the US

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS) – Social media giant TikTok warned it’s going to go dark in the United States 8 months from May 19, if a new law isn’t overturned. It required TikTok to be sold by its China-based owner or face a ban in America. The battle has shifted with 8 TikTok influencers taking their […]


Julian Assange can appeal U.S. extradition order, U.K. court rules

LONDON — A pair of High Court judges in Britain granted Julian Assange permission to appeal his extradition to the United States, where he faces charges of espionage for releasing reams of sensitive military and diplomatic files via WikiLeaks in 2010. It was a legal victory for Assange, as it meant that the 52 . […]


Security flaw at Christie’s exposed location data of artwork owners sought to sell

On a recent Wednesday evening, a university professor in a large town in western Germany was preparing several paintings to be sold through the British auction house Christie’s. Using his iPhone, he took pictures of the inherited works at his home to upload to the company’s website. Within a few weeks, the site promised, Christie’s […]

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DJ Shiti Confident He Will Feature In Nick Cannon’s ‘Wild & Out After He Followed Him On Instagram

Comedian DJ Shiti is exuberant after he was followed by American comedian Nick Cannon on Instagram. Shiti took to his socials to inform his fans about being followed by the jester. “Nick Cannon, welcome to East Africa my brother. Hollywood Hollywood, here I come. They call me DJ Shitiani all the way from Mumias Western […]


Jumbe za pesa husaidia wanaume wanene kupunguza uzani wa mwili – Taifa Leo

Jumbe za pesa husaidia wanaume wanene kupunguza uzani wa mwili NA CECIL ODONGO MAZOEZI yamekuwa yakifahamika kama suluhu kwa wanaume ambao ni wanene kupita kiasi na walio na mafuta mengi mwilini. Katika kile ambacho kitawafurahisha wengi, utafiti umebaini kuwa wanaume wanene wakitumiwa pesa ili kupunguza uzani, wanafanikiwa kupunguza kilo hizo. Utafiti uliochapishwa kwenye jarida la […]


Trend Micro Unveils Advanced AI Capabilities

Trend Micro Incorporated has unveiled significant additional AI-powered functionality in its platform to safeguard organizational use of AI and manage the risks associated with the widespread adoption of new AI tools. Co-founder and CEO Eva Chen is spearheading Trend’s market-leading cybersecurity platform ahead of the RSA Conference 2024, where Trend researchers will deliver two talks […]


Willy Paul Claims He Is Motivated By Critics As He Celebrates Success Of His Album

Willy Paul is basking in the positive response to his latest album, “Beyond Gifted,” which debuted on April 30th. The singer appeared on KTN this past weekend, where he interacted with enthusiastic fans and revealed the album’s impressive performance – surpassing 20 million total streams in just 24 hours. Currently promoting the album through media […]


Inside TikTok’s Trust & Transparency Summit

As South Africa prepares for its democratic elections on May 29, TikTok has taken proactive measures to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process as social media continues to play a critical role in shaping public opinion and political discourse. To maintain electoral integrity and strengthen public confidence in democratic processes, TikTok recently displayed its […]

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Infatuation with English Soccer

The growing infatuation with English football in Africa; can the sport foster unity amongst the sports fans and citizenry at large? Since the inception of television in Sub Saharan Africa around the 1970s, the love for European sports like soccer, rugby and volleyball spread across the continent. Among those sports, soccer stands out with the […]

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Stevie Wonder finally home upon being granted citizenship in Ghana on his 74th birthday!

The historical ties between African Americans and the African continent have always been profound and multifaceted. This connection has often been expressed through various forms of art, music, and cultural exchange, with many African Americans tracing their roots and seeking a deeper understanding of their heritage. Stevie Wonder’s decision to embrace his Ghanaian citizenship is […]


The Rich Culture Heritage of the West African Ashanti Community

The Ashanti tribe, a prominent ethnic group in West Africa, holds a deep heritage of history, culture, and traditions that distinguish them within the broader Ghanaian community. Originating from the Ashanti Region in present-day Ghana, their legacy spans centuries, leaving an indelible mark on the socio-political landscape of the region. At the heart of Ashanti […]


Zimbabwe’s Economic Transition With New gold-backed currency – ZiG

Zimbabwe is grappling with significant economic challenges, including high inflation rates and currency instability. In recent years, the country has faced hyperinflation and witnessed the collapse of its currency, prompting the government to take drastic measures to stabilize the economy and restore confidence in the financial system. One of the key strategies adopted by the […]


The Disintegration of African Family Unity With The Modernisation Takeover in Africa; A Worrying trend.

In the context of our African culture, family has always been the cornerstone, the very essence that binds communities together. However, in contemporary times, there has been a palpable unraveling of this fabric of unity, leading to a surge in the statistics of single parenthood and a profound shift in lifestyle and culture. In this […]


The Limits of DNA Ancestry Testing & and New Frontiers

DNA ancestry tests have revolutionized the way people explore their heritage, offering insights into ancestral origins, migration patterns, and familial connections. However, these tests come with inherent limitations, particularly for individuals of African descent and others with diverse ancestral backgrounds. Having your entire genome sequenced differs from checking your ancestry DNA, as the latter only […]

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