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Draper James Sport Activewear Review 2024

Published on 3/4/2024 at 6:15 PM POPSUGAR Photography | Annalise Mantz; Draper James Every editorial product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn commission. Walk into any group fitness class, and odds are you'll see at least a few people wearing the Fitness Uniform (TM): plain […]


Fake AI images of Trump with Black voters circulate on social media

As former President Donald Trump seeks Black voter support, some of his followers have also begun targeting Black voters – with fake images, according to a report by BBC Panorama.  The news organization on Monday reported finding dozens of deepfakes portraying Black people supporting the former president. In one of the AI-generated images, conservative radio show […]


EXPLAINER: What to Know About the Change Healthcare Cyberattack | Health News

The ramifications of a cyberattack on a critical health care technology company are still being felt across the U.S. nearly two weeks later. “Our experts are working to address the matter, and we are working closely with law enforcement and leading third-party consultants such as Mandiant and Palo Alto Networks on this attack against Change […]


Charles Barkley rips into Donald Trump after the former US President claimed black people ’embraced’ his infamous police mugshot… and threatens to PUNCH anyone ‘walking around’ with it: ‘I was just offended’

Trump controversially claimed his arrest in August appealed to black voters NBA legend Barkley has accused the former President of insulting black people provides all the latest international sports news 


Black History Month and the Underground Railroad

Honoring the Legacy of African American History: From the Underground to Mainstream Impact of Network to Freedom and ASALHBy: Ka'mal McClarin, PhD In 1915, the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASALH) was created. It flourished over the years, and in February 1926, its founder, Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson, organized a week-long […]

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Kipruto alivyomtoa jasho Kipchoge katika Tokyo Marathon – Taifa Leo

Kipruto alivyomtoa jasho Kipchoge katika Tokyo Marathon Na GEOFFREY ANENE BENSON Kipruto aliendeleza rekodi nzuri dhidi ya Mkenya mwenzake Eliud Kipchoge hadi marathon tatu baada ya kutawala mbio za Tokyo Marathon nchini Japan, Jumapili. Katika raundi hiyo ya kwanza ya Marathon Kuu Duniani (WMM), ambayo ilivutia zaidi ya washiriki 37,000, bingwa wa Boston Marathon 2021 […]


Amber and Rapudo throw a 13th birthday celebration for his daughter

Over the weekend, Savoune Brenda Ochieng, the 13-year-old daughter of Kennedy Rapudo, celebrated her birthday in style. The event took place on Amber Ray’s spacious balcony, which served as the venue for a sip-and-paint party. The decor was carefully arranged to ensure that each guest had a canvas and a glass for painting and sipping. […]


Mr Ibu’s Stepdaughter Takes Over His TikTok Account Just Hours After His Death

Following the passing of Nollywood actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu, on March 2nd, 2024, changes have been made to his TikTok account: Account Name Change: The account name has been changed from Mr. Ibu’s to Jasmine Okafor’s, who is identified as his adopted daughter. Video Removal: Most of the original videos featuring Mr. Ibu […]


Wanabunduki roho juu wakiendea ‘mboga’ EPL Jumatatu usiku – Taifa Leo

Wanabunduki roho juu wakiendea ‘mboga’ EPL Jumatatu usiku Na MASHIRIKA ARSENAL watashuka leo ugani Bramall Lane wakipigiwa upatu wa kukomoa Sheffield United na kuendeleza presha kwa Liverpool na mabingwa watetezi Manchester City kileleni mwa jedwali la Ligi Kuu ya Uingereza (EPL). Idadi kubwa ya mabao (10) ambayo Sheffield United wamefungwa katika mechi mbili kati ya […]


A woman is murdered in Kitui County, and her head disappears, shocking everyone

In Kitui County, the lifeless body of Margaret Kavisa John, aged 48, was discovered without her head, sparking concerns of a grisly murder. Her remains were found sprawled along the roadside at Mbagwani village in Kakongo sub-location, Kairungu location of Mwingi Central subcounty, in the early hours of Monday. Joseph Ole Napeiyan, the Eastern Regional […]

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Infatuation with English Soccer

The growing infatuation with English football in Africa; can the sport foster unity amongst the sports fans and citizenry at large? Since the inception of television in Sub Saharan Africa around the 1970s, the love for European sports like soccer, rugby and volleyball spread across the continent. Among those sports, soccer stands out with the […]

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How Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Could Bridge Racial Divides and Promote Equality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool with the potential to reshape industries, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making processes. However, one of the most compelling aspects of AI is its capacity to transcend biases that have long plagued human society, including racial discrimination. Unlike human beings, AI systems are not inherently biased, and […]


Killer Mike’s Ingenious Child Support Solution to RFK Jr: Empowering Young Fathers in Georgia.

In the realm of social justice and community empowerment, few voices resonate as strongly as that of Georgia State recording artist, Killer Mike. Beyond his prowess in music, Killer Mike is renowned for his activism and advocacy, particularly within the Black community. Recently, he proposed a groundbreaking solution to address a pressing issue plaguing many […]


Safeguarding Intellectual Property Rights: Empowering African Creatives and Innovators

In Africa's dynamic industrial, innovation and creative evolution landscapes, safeguarding intellectual property (IP) rights emerges as a critical imperative. From the vibrant markets of Nairobi to the burgeoning tech hubs of Kigali, the need to protect original ideas, creations, and innovations is paramount. Yet, awareness of IP rights, particularly among young creatives and innovators, remains […]


Exploring the Historical Significance of Mapungubwe National Park & remnants of the ancient Kingdom of Mapungubwe.

At the crossroads of Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, Mapungubwe National Park stands as a testament to centuries of cultural and historical richness. Positioned within South Africa's Limpopo Province, this national park safeguards the remnants of Mapungubwe Hill, once the thriving capital of the ancient Kingdom of Mapungubwe, alongside its diverse wildlife and lush riverine […]


Wangechi Mutu Intertwined, major solo exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art- Bridging Cultures and Narratives.

Wangechi Mutu stands as a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene, weaving a narrative that spans continents and cultures through her diverse artistic expressions. Born in Kenya, Mutu's artistic journey has taken her from the vibrant landscapes of her homeland to the bustling artistic hub of New York City, where she has called home […]

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