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Black Farmers in Georgia Cool to Biden, Reflecting a Bigger Challenge

On a hot day in May, Andrew L. Smith Sr., a vegetable farmer from Ludowici, Ga., listened with skepticism as Tom Vilsack, the U.S. agriculture secretary, touted President Biden’s efforts to help Black farmers overcome decades of discrimination. Seated alongside hundreds of farmers in front of a former plantation once owned by a Georgia slaveholder, […]


Travelers from these US states have the worst airplane etiquette

Sitting next to someone with poor airplane etiquette can easily ruin your flight, and the U.S. state you’re flying out of may determine that. From the seat in front of you reclining into your lap to a


US Severe weather: Extreme heat in Southwest, Gulf rain and Rockies snow

PHOENIX (AP) — Heat and cold extremes are expected this week in the U.S. Officials warned Southwest residents to take precautions as a heat wave moves east, while heavy rains and flooding could drench the Gulf states and snow threatens parts of the Rockies and Northwest. Extreme heat spread across Arizona, New Mexico and parts […]


University of Illinois Chicago study with Melanated Group Midwifery Care seeks to drive down US maternal death rate

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A first-of-its-kind research study involves hundreds of Black moms getting support from the prenatal stage up to a year after giving birth. ABC7 Chicago's Black Moms Rising series is taking a look. The University of Illinois Chicago health study said it's already seeing results in bringing more moms safely back home. ABC7 […]


The Women’s Playbook | Essence

For football to basketball, from the boardroom to the field—these women are shaking up sports, redefining the rules and inspiring us all. By: Shelby Stewart Black women have always been the blueprint. Whether making moves on the hardwood or signing million-dollar deals in the boardroom, they know how to make the magic happen. The embodiment […]

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Kenyan AI Tool Wins Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation

A solar-powered tool using AI and machine learning-enabled cameras to swiftly detect and identify agricultural pests and diseases has won Africa’s largest prize for engineering innovation. Esther Kimani is the third woman and the second Kenyan innovator to win the Africa Prize, receiving £50,000. Her tool reduces crop losses for smallholder farmers by up to […]


Timu za Voliboli ya Ufukweni kushiriki Kombe la Afrika nchini Morocco – Taifa Leo

Timu za Voliboli ya Ufukweni kushiriki Kombe la Afrika nchini Morocco Na JOHN KIMWERE TIMU za taifa za voliboli ya Ufukweni, wanaume na wanawake zimeratibiwa kuondoka leo jioni kuelekea nchini Morocco kushiriki mechi za Kombe la Afrika (CAVB). Ngarambe hiyo pia itatumika kupigania tikiti ya kufuzu kushiriki Michezo ya Olimpiki 2024 Paris, Ufaransa. Shindano hilo […]


Wenyeji Ujerumani, kuanzisha ngoma Ijumaa usiku dhidi ya Scotland – Taifa Leo

Euro 2024: Wenyeji Ujerumani, kuanzisha ngoma Ijumaa usiku dhidi ya Scotland MUNICH, Ujerumani Wenyeji Ujerumani wanatarajiwa kuanza Kombe la Ulaya (Euro 2024) kwa kishindo watakapomenyana na Scotland katika mechi ya Kundi A ugani Allianz Arena Ijumaa, Juni 14, 2024 usiku. Wajerumani, ambao walishinda makala ya 1972, 1980 na 1996, wana rekodi nzuri dhidi ya Scotland. […]


Watch Jahmbi Koikai’s funeral here

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“You assisted us in overcoming difficulties,” a sincere tribute from Njambi Koikai’s mother.

Stella Wambui Kanogo, the mother of the late media personality Mary Njambi, has written a poignant tribute to her daughter, portraying her as an extraordinary woman whose spirit deeply impacted those around her. CHECK OUT: Watch Jahmbi Koikai’s funeral here Njambi, fondly known as Jahmby Fayah Mummah, passed away on June 3 after a prolonged […]

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Infatuation with English Soccer

The growing infatuation with English football in Africa; can the sport foster unity amongst the sports fans and citizenry at large? Since the inception of television in Sub Saharan Africa around the 1970s, the love for European sports like soccer, rugby and volleyball spread across the continent. Among those sports, soccer stands out with the […]

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The Legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers

In the aftermath of the Civil War, the United States Army formed several all-African American regiments, among which the most renowned were the Buffalo Soldiers. The nickname "Buffalo Soldiers" was bestowed upon these soldiers by Native American tribes, particularly the Cheyenne, who respected their combat skills and bravery. This moniker referenced both their dark, curly […]


The Ancient Libraries of Timbuktu: Guardians of African Heritage

Timbuktu, often referred to as the "City of 333 Saints," is not only a symbol of Islamic scholarship but also a beacon of African heritage and knowledge preservation. Located in present-day Mali, Timbuktu flourished during the 13th to 17th centuries under the Mali Empire and later the Songhai Empire. The city's ancient libraries and manuscripts […]


The Cosby Show and the Problem of Representation of the Black Middle-Class Family: A Social Psychological Perspective

The Cosby Show, a groundbreaking sitcom from the 1980s, holds a significant place in television history for its portrayal of a successful, educated, and loving African American family. While it is celebrated for challenging racial stereotypes and presenting a positive image of Black family life, it also perpetuates other stereotypes related to gender, age, and […]


King Afonso I of Kongo: A Voice Against the Atlantic Slave Trade and enslavement of Africans

King Afonso I of Kongo, born Nzinga Mbemba, was a remarkable leader whose reign from 1506 to 1543 was marked by efforts to modernize his kingdom and curb the horrors of the Atlantic slave trade. His reign occurred during a pivotal period in African history, when European powers were establishing footholds on the continent, initiating […]


Global Phenomenon: Burna Boy’s Triumphant USA Tour briding gaps with the Afrobeat.

Burna Boy, a Nigerian musical sensation, has taken the international music scene by storm, particularly making a significant impact in the United States. His international US tour, marked by sold-out venues and enthusiastic audiences, underscores the global appeal of Afrobeat and its power to bridge cultural divides. Alongside other Nigerian icons like Tems, Burna Boy […]

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