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US VP Harris calls for immediate ceasefire to ease “humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza

By Jeff Mason (Reuters) - U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris on Sunday called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and forcefully pressed Israel to increase the flow of aid to ease what she called "inhumane" conditions and a "humanitarian catastrophe" among the Palestinian people. Harris's comments were among the sharpest yet by a senior leader […]


KNIGHTSHIFT PODCAST: Big 12 Hoops, CFP, and Spring Sports Equinox

On this MONSTER edition of Knight Shift, Jeff and Eric open with UCF Knights Men’s Basketball and are joined by Jake Ferraro, who covered UCF’s win at Oklahoma State and, they preview UCF’s upcoming home games with #8 Iowa State and #1 Houston, including the outlook on the postseason. Bryson Turner joins in to discuss […]


The US must do more to hold the Taliban accountable

While the Taliban reap the benefits of their grand corruption, Afghanistan appears to be reverting to pre-9/11 conditions as it once again becomes a hotbed for terrorism. The Taliban maintain strong relationships with al-Qaida, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, and the Tehrik-e-Jihad Pakistan. By offering such terrorist groups financial and logistical support — all within Afghanistan’s borders — the Taliban have reemerged as […]


Mariners’ Dave Sims is one of few Black play-by-play announcers in MLB

In February for Black History Month, USA TODAY Sports is publishing the series "29 Black Stories in 29 Days." We examine the issues, challenges and opportunities Black athletes and sports officials continue to face after the nation’s reckoning on race following the murder of George Floyd in 2020. This is the fourth installment of the series. […]


Dine Brands wants to bring dual Applebee’s-IHOP restaurants to the US

Dine Brands Global is looking into launching dual-branded Applebee’s-IHOP restaurants in the U.S. CEO John Peyton said the company is considering bringing the joint restaurants to the U.S. after launching successful . . .

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Kipruto azima Kipchoge na kuvunja rekodi mbio za Tokyo Marathon – Taifa Leo

Kipruto azima Kipchoge na kuvunja rekodi mbio za Tokyo Marathon NA GEOFFREY ANENE BENSON Kipruto amelambisha sakafu Eliud Kipchoge akitawala mbio za Tokyo Marathon nchini Japan, Jumapili, Machi 3, 2024. Katika raundi hiyo ya kwanza ya Marathon Kuu Duniani (WMM), bingwa wa Boston Marathon 2021 na Chicago Marathon 2022 Kipruto alikata utepe wa kwanza baada […]


Chunga sana Raila, Ruto ashauriwa – Taifa Leo

Chunga sana Raila, Ruto ashauriwa NA JAMES MURIMI VIONGOZI wa Mlima Kenya wamemtaka Rais William Ruto ajihadhari hata anaposhirikiana na Bw Raila Odinga kisiasa, wakisema huenda kinara huyo wa upinzani anaweza akatumia uenyekiti wa Tume ya Umoja wa Afrika (AUC) kusambaratisha utawala wa Kenya Kwanza. Wakati huo huo, viongozi hao walisema “watasimama nyuma ya Naibu […]


Ubabe wa kisiasa wa Ford-Kenya na DAP-K watokota Trans Nzoia – Taifa Leo

Ubabe wa kisiasa wa Ford-Kenya na DAP-K watokota Trans Nzoia NA EVANS JAOLA MAKABILIANO makali ya ubabe wa kisiasa yamezuka baina ya viongozi wa vyama vya Democratic Party of Kenya (DAP-K) na Ford-Kenya katika Kaunti ya Trans Nzoia. Madiwani wanaomuunga mkono Gavana George Natembeya katika kaunti hiyo, wanadai kwamba kuna njama zinazoendeshwa na uongozi wa […]


UN body steps up pace to implement vital carbon crediting mechanism

The accreditation panel will be ready to start accrediting auditors to verify and validate projects from April 2024. PHOTO/UNSPLASH/Melissa Bradley By PATRICK MAYOYO The United Nations Body charged with implementing a new carbon crediting mechanism under the Paris Agreement has expedited plans for action at their first meeting since COP28. The Supervisory Body of […]


Kenya yachagua kikosi cha kuteka dunia mbio za nyika – Taifa Leo

Kenya yachagua kikosi cha kuteka dunia mbio za nyika Na GEOFFREY ANENE MABINGWA mara 23 wa dunia Kenya wamechagua kikosi cha kudondosha mate kwa makala ya 45 ya Mbio za Nyika za Dunia zitakazofanyika jijini Belgrade, Serbia mnamo Machi 30, 2024. Agnes Ngetich, Emmaculate Anyango na Lilian Kasait wanaokamata nafasi tatu za kwanza kwa muda […]

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Infatuation with English Soccer

The growing infatuation with English football in Africa; can the sport foster unity amongst the sports fans and citizenry at large? Since the inception of television in Sub Saharan Africa around the 1970s, the love for European sports like soccer, rugby and volleyball spread across the continent. Among those sports, soccer stands out with the […]

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How Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Could Bridge Racial Divides and Promote Equality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool with the potential to reshape industries, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making processes. However, one of the most compelling aspects of AI is its capacity to transcend biases that have long plagued human society, including racial discrimination. Unlike human beings, AI systems are not inherently biased, and […]


Killer Mike’s Ingenious Child Support Solution to RFK Jr: Empowering Young Fathers in Georgia.

In the realm of social justice and community empowerment, few voices resonate as strongly as that of Georgia State recording artist, Killer Mike. Beyond his prowess in music, Killer Mike is renowned for his activism and advocacy, particularly within the Black community. Recently, he proposed a groundbreaking solution to address a pressing issue plaguing many […]


Safeguarding Intellectual Property Rights: Empowering African Creatives and Innovators

In Africa's dynamic industrial, innovation and creative evolution landscapes, safeguarding intellectual property (IP) rights emerges as a critical imperative. From the vibrant markets of Nairobi to the burgeoning tech hubs of Kigali, the need to protect original ideas, creations, and innovations is paramount. Yet, awareness of IP rights, particularly among young creatives and innovators, remains […]


Exploring the Historical Significance of Mapungubwe National Park & remnants of the ancient Kingdom of Mapungubwe.

At the crossroads of Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, Mapungubwe National Park stands as a testament to centuries of cultural and historical richness. Positioned within South Africa's Limpopo Province, this national park safeguards the remnants of Mapungubwe Hill, once the thriving capital of the ancient Kingdom of Mapungubwe, alongside its diverse wildlife and lush riverine […]


Wangechi Mutu Intertwined, major solo exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art- Bridging Cultures and Narratives.

Wangechi Mutu stands as a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene, weaving a narrative that spans continents and cultures through her diverse artistic expressions. Born in Kenya, Mutu's artistic journey has taken her from the vibrant landscapes of her homeland to the bustling artistic hub of New York City, where she has called home […]

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