Cars, you might have noticed, have grown enormous. Low-slung station wagons are all but extinct on American roads, and even sedans have become an endangered species. (Ford, producer of the iconic Model T a century ago, no longer sells any sedans in its home market.) Bulky SUVs and . . .

Steven Donziger is back in his airy mid-century modern apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, engaged over Zoom on a marketing call with a representative of the online publishing platform Substack.  Back and forth, they wrestle with a complicated question—who is Steven Donziger—and quickly realize there is no easy answer. Donziger is a […]

In March, ingredients intended for use in producing the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine shots contaminated 15 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. In response, the Biden administration put Johnson & Johnson in direct control of vaccine production there, and removed AstraZeneca manufacturing from the facilities.

Although the pandemic lit the match, the United States has been setting up this bonfire of supply chain failures for years. The government has drastically scaled back investments in manufacturing, hamstrung the postal service and engaged in petty trade wars that have made the pandemic era especially painful for consumers. Gutting the mail: The US […]

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