March 27 (Reuters) – Chinese tech firm Bestpath said on Monday it had agreed to go public in the United States through a merger with a blank-check vehicle in a deal with an equity value of about $1.2 billion. Founded in 2019, Bestpath is a hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle company and has a Shanghai-based […]

SHANGHAI, March 25 (Reuters) – China’s attitude towards developing a healthy, stable and constructive Sino-U.S. relationship remains unchanged, while it hopes the United States will stop using “unscrupulous means” to contain and suppress China, China’s foreign minister Qin Gang said on Saturday. China hopes the two nations will work together to promote bilateral relations to […]

In late 1978, China’s paramount leader Deng Xiaoping set in motion two major policy shifts that would change China and the world order in the decades to come. At a Communist Party meeting in December of that year, the leadership declared that China would turn its focus from political struggle to economic development. Within days, […]

Xi Jinping’s meetings in Moscow with Vladimir Putin put the Biden administration in an uncomfortable position: on the sidelines as two adversaries discuss a Ukraine peace proposal that the US has deemed unacceptable. US officials have publicly expressed deep skepticism about the Chinese idea, saying its call for a cease-fire would reward Moscow’s invasion by […]

China’s visit follows U.S.-Russia row over drone crash West says concerned Beijing will arm Ukraine China denies any such plan, has called for peace talks International grain deal due to expire on Saturday

The China-brokered Saudi-Iran rapprochement is a major diplomatic breakthrough after years of mutual animosity, suspected attacks and espionage between the two countries. It represents Beijing’s first foray into Middle East mediation, an area that for the past few decades was largely occupied by Washington. The deal is “a much needed pressure valve amid heightened regional […]

HONG KONG, March 12 (Reuters) – General Li Shangfu, named on Sunday as China’s new defence minister, is a veteran of the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) modernisation effort – a drive that led the United States to sanction him over the acquisition of weapons from Russia.

When Beijing stepped into the role of mediator this week in the surprise rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, it signaled a new level of ambition for Xi Jinping, China’s top leader, who has sought to burnish his image as a global statesman in an escalating rivalry with the United States. China’s top diplomat quickly […]

From: Counting the Cost Xi Jinping accuses the US of blocking China’s rise as the nation sets the lowest growth target in decades. Read more As Xi Jinping heads into his third term as China’s president, with sweeping changes to financial and tech regulation, he is bracing for a tough competition between the world’s two largest […]

“In the coming period, the risks and challenges that we’re facing will only become more and more numerous and grim,” Mr. Xi said, while urging officials to remain “calm and focused” while also braced for “struggle.” To tackle these challenges, Mr. Xi has emphasized the need for China to wean itself off its reliance on […]

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