BEIJING (AP) — U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan pressed Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during talks in Thailand to use China’s influence with Iran to ease

Live news: China military pledges to ‘smash’ Taiwan independence  Financial Times Source link

Workers at the 15 Philadelphia International Airport restaurants operated by OTG have ratified a new contract. The deal comes after more than five years without a current contract, and following a prolonged dispute over whether the company and the workers’ union had already reached an . . .

theodp writes: In a panel on AI at the Paris Peace Forum just 10 days ago, Microsoft President Brad Smith gave Meta Chief AI Scientist Yann LeCun a lecture on the importance of OpenAI’s nonprofit independence. “Meta is owned by shareholders,” Smith argued. “OpenAI is owned by . . .

Thank you, Mr Chair and thank you for convening us today. As we mark the 32nd anniversary of the Ukrainian Declaration of Independence, in doing so we honour the strength, resilience and identity of the Ukrainian people. Ukrainian unity, and the unity of the international community in supporting Ukraine, has never been stronger. Since we […]

24 August 2023 Today, the people of Ukraine are once more marking their Independence Day, while suffering the all-out assault of Putin’s craven war for land and power. For eighteen months, Ukrainian families have lived under the daily threat of Russian rockets and the reality of brutal attacks. But the people of Ukraine have refused […]

The United States, together with international partners, is committed to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and will stand by the Ukrainian government until Russia abides by its international obligations. A secure Ukraine, integrated with Europe and enjoying good relations with all its neighbors, is in the interests of the United States, Europe, Africa, […]

Let me paint the picture: It’s just past midnight on July 2 at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans. Jill Scott is delivering a perfectly crowd-pleasing set to thousands of fans at the 2023 Essence Festival of Culture  (known colloquially as Essence Fest . . .

By John Farmer, Jr. Some months ago, a book was sent to me at the Eagleton Institute by one of our alumnae, who graduated 50 years ago from Rutgers. In a rather sheepish cover letter, he confided that he had checked the book out from Eagleton’s and had come across it while cleaning out his […]

Thank you, It’s a pleasure to be with you all today. I want to start by thanking each and every one of you for making the journey here to discuss Scotland’s future. I would love to start off talking to you about something positive, but truthfully, for a lot of people, its hard to see […]

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