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Voting rights groups say Black representation in Florida is reduced after Gov. Ron Desantis signed a newly drawn congressional map they argue clearly benefits Republicans.  The redistricting proposal makes it harder, they allege, for Black voters to select their own candidates.  The congressional maps cut seats in Black districts to just two in the entire […]

Hello and welcome to Monday. And now the fallout begins. By the numbers — Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday quickly signed into law the congressional map drawn by his own staff and passed by his allies in the Republican-controlled Legislature. It’s a map expected to boost the GOP’s current 16-11 advantage in this state to […]

Florida Republicans approved a new congressional map that severely curtails Black voting power in the state on Thursday, taking a final vote as Black lawmakers staged a sit-in on the floor of the legislature. The new plan, which was drawn by Governor

History is never fully complete. Even the best-researched events from the past can still provide some fascinating surprises. That is certainly the case with a forgotten aspect of America’s Revolutionary War that underlies a new opera, titled “Quamino’s Map.” Chicago Opera Theater will present its world premiere during performances April 23, 29 and May 21 […]

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A Black congressman’s district would be dismantled under a map Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis submitted to state lawmakers Wednesday ahead of a special session that was called after the governor vetoed maps sent to him by the GOP-dominated Legislature. The Legislature has conceded control of the process to DeSantis, whose proposals […]

Geography can help us understand faraway events if we bring them close to home. Take the Feb. 24 Russian invasion of Ukraine, for instance. By placing the Texas capital of Austin where the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv sits, we get a clearer picture of the war’s proximity to the warring parties and other European countries.

The Baltimore County Council submitted a map to a federal judge late Tuesday evening that included only one majority Black Council District. Screenshot from court filings. A judge has accepted a remedial Baltimore County Council map with one majority Black council district. U.S. District Court Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby said at a status conference Thursday […]

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoed a new congressional redistricting plan for the state Wednesday night because it lacks a second majority-Black district. The Democratic governor’s decision sets up a showdown with the Republican-dominated Legislature that passed the plan in a recent special session. Lawmakers open a regular session Monday […]

“Why do Baltimore County council members think it’s okay for white voters, who constitute only half of the County’s population, to continue to control six out of seven council seats?” asked Anthony Fugett, a Black county resident and one of the plaintiffs, in a prepared statement Tuesday night. Source link

WASHINGTON, March 7 (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday let North Carolina and Pennsylvania use electoral maps approved by state courts to replace ones deemed to have given Republicans unfair advantages, improving Democratic chances of retaining control of the U.S. House of Representatives in November. The justices denied Republican requests to put on […]

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