(Nairobi) – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has worsened the food security crisis in many African countries, Human Rights Watch said today. Many countries in East, West, Middle, and Southern Africa rely on Russia and Ukraine for a significant percentage of their wheat, fertilizer, or vegetable oils imports, but the war disrupts global commodity markets and […]

Time is fast running out, the UN agency warned, with Somalia facing “the very real risk of famine” in the coming six months.    🔴#Somalia: risk of famine in coming months🔴#Kenya: half a million people facing emergency levels of hunger🔴#Ethiopia: 7.2 million people . . .

The top U.S. diplomat for the Horn of Africa region, David Satterfield, is leaving his post after just several months on the job, current and former officials familiar with the matter told Foreign Policy, leaving a fresh diplomatic void in a region that is confronting rising political instability, mass atrocities, and the threat of famine. […]

KAMPALA, Uganda — This week, the panel of climate experts convened by the United Nations delivered a clear message: To stand a chance of curbing dangerous climate change, we can’t afford to build more fossil fuel infrastructure. We must also rapidly phase out the fossil fuels we’re using. In moments like this, the media rarely […]

Denver International Airport has formed a committee to explore the possibility of opening more flights between African countries and Colorado. Direct flights to and from Africa are rare in the United States, and nonexistent in Colorado. Unlike flights to major European countries, like London, Paris and Zurich, passengers from DIA currently have to sit through […]

There’s still one Orange to root for — The Daily Orange! Donate today and help us win College Media Madness. Whitney Sossou had a vision for the African Student Union Foundation ever since last year, when she was ASU’s vice president of external affairs. This semester, she established the foundation as a parting gift to ASU […]

Lebanon When Lebanon’s Muslims sat down to their first iftar of Ramadan tonight, the meal in front of them will have cost significantly more than it did six weeks ago. The Middle Eastern country, already mired in economic crisis and battling inflation before the war broke out in Ukraine, now finds itself grappling with even […]

With the focus on strained relations between the United States and its Gulf allies, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, it has been easy to overlook that discontent with the Biden administration has also spread to North Africa. Algeria has continued to remain deeply concerned about President Joe Biden’s refusal to reverse his predecessor […]

Africa 54 – March 28, 2022  Voice of America – VOA News Source link

There have been many comments about Africans’ reactions to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the horrific violence it has unleashed on Ukrainians and the humanitarian catastrophe it has created. Many people, including on this continent, have been aghast at what they see as the moral failure not just of African governments, but also of individual […]

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