Moving to a new country can stimulate personal development and emotional growth — especially for artists looking for creative inspiration. For Black Americans, however, this move can present a special set of challenges that stem from a long history of institutionalized racism, discrimination and oppression. We know, however, from the stories of our ancestors, that it […]

Amarachi Ojukwu is one of 1,230 Black students attending the University of California, Davis—out of a total of just under 41,000. On an average day, she said, she doesn’t typically run into other Black people around campus, which can feel isolating. But she has somewhere to turn—the institution’s Center for African Diaspora Student Success, tucked […]

A total of 28 representatives from Afro-descendant communities in the nine countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA) region and Cuba participated in the workshop held in Panama from May 1 to 5. The event marks the beginning of the workshop phase of the capacity strengthening project for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage […]

RACINE, WI (CBS 58) — Scott Terry, the CEO of Mahogany Black Arts & Cultural Center/Mahogany Gallery joined us in studio to discuss upcoming events and efforts.  Terry spoke about MBACC, the Black Art & Culture Expo taking place, their work and grants they’ve received as well as Mahogany Gallery, the contemporary fine art gallery associated […]

Coffee has a rich and fascinating history in Africa, dating back several centuries. The story of coffee in Africa is one of trade, migration, and cultural significance. The journey of coffee from Africa to America was a long and winding road that took many years, but today it is a staple beverage on both continents. […]

47 Songs That Are Black Cultural Anthems  BuzzFeed Source link

Before her death, master printmaker Belkis Ayón employed collagraphy to challenge the dominant narratives of Cuban culture that

While in the Caribbean, we had the privilege of being able to reconstruct the drum, for a long time, our Black-American siblings did not. But, as we know, African imagination doesn’t stop; we improvise. So what do Black Americans do? Create tap dancing, stepping, beatboxing — they use their body as the drum, which is also […]

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Obie Shelton is our travel guide showing us the way. The former 3News reporter, who still lives and works in Greater Cleveland, is at times more than that Don’t let this throw you: He is a time traveler, taking those with him through the years, the generations, the centuries. Today is one […]

Before her death, master printmaker Belkis Ayón employed collagraphy to challenge the dominant narratives of Cuban culture that

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