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Dwayne Johnson has got all his fans excited about his upcoming film, Black Adam. DC Films, along with some other production companies, are producing Johnson’s, Black Adam. Now, Black Adam is not the only superhero action film produced by DC Films. Back in 2016, DC Films produced Suicide Squad, starring Hollywood megastar, Will Smith. ADVERTISEMENT

Collaboration seeks to bridge the tech talent gap by developing diverse talent and breaking down barriers Many in the Black community don’t realize that they currently possess the skills necessary to excel in the tech industry.” — Dennis Schultz, Executive Director, Blacks In Technology Foundation IRVINE, CA, USA, July 29, 2022 / — The Blacks […]

Black-owned acceleration organization /dev/color recently announced its partnership with visual discovery platform, Pinterest, to help support its mission of changing the tech industry for good.  The $3 million partnership launched last year is dedicated to elevating Black technologists and leaders throughout the tech industry. Both companies will provide coaching and mentorship programs to help empower […]

Critical Incident Briefing: July 15, 2022 – 1700 N. Black Canyon Hwy  Phoenix (.gov) Source link

Update RequiredTo play audio, update browser or Flash plugin. New housing is under construction at 16th and H Streets in Sacrameto. This project replaces a long vacant motel. Housing construction is up in Sacramento, but housing for poorer residents is falling short. Ed Fletcher / CapRadio Sacramento real estate market. Why homeownership remains […]

Comment on this story Comment Federal officials this week touted the arrival of hundreds of thousands of additional monkeypox vaccine doses, heralding it as a milestone in the nation’s fight against the outbreak. What they left out: The United States is entering a critical three-month period where cases may continue to multiply, but no more […]

WARSAW, Poland A 5-year-old girl’s drawing at a summer camp in Poland’s capital caught the eye of one of her counselors. Why did she use black and white, and not red or pink, to make a heart, Rabbi Ilana Baird asked the child. The girl, sighing heavily, said it was black like the dog she […]

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was asked about the controversial film study clause that existed in Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray’s contract that was revealed earlier this week. The clause stipulated that Murray participate in at least four hours of “independent study” per week. The blowback from the contractual clause, which was first reported by NFL Network’s […]

Neil Gaiman is relieved to be home. Dressed all in black, unruly black hair shot through with silver, he sits comfortably on a couch at his house in Woodstock, New York. “I left here in August 2019, figuring I’d be back by the end of March,” he says. “I didn’t actually get back till April […]

38% of Black investors under 40 own cryptocurrency, compared to 29% of white investors under 40. When the price of bitcoin dropped in June, the Black community was disproportionately affected. Kiersten and Julien Saunders of rich & REGULAR say you can still bounce back and build wealth. Loading Something is loading. After a long bull […]

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