There are many factors that can impact your mental health, from tough periods with finances to difficulties in your relationships; but where you live may also play a significant role. Some U.S. states seem to have better systems in place to promote positive mental health — and improve their residents’ satisfaction — than others. Soliant […]

This week, Army Pvt. Travis T. King was released from North Korean custody and returned to American authorities. King is now back in the U.S., in San Antonio, Texas, said Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh. “Private King arrived … early in the morning to San Antonio, where he will be going through a […]

“Africa matters” was the message that Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III delivered during a speech in Luanda, Angola, this morning.  Austin pledged that the U.S. military will continue to work with African allies and partners to ensure “that Africa enjoys all the protections of the international rules and norms that advance security and […]

Born as Sarah Loguen in 1850, Sarah Loguen Fraser found her calling as a child when she helped her parents and Harriet Tubman bandage the leg of an injured person escaping slavery. When the Civil War ended, and Reconstruction opened up opportunities for African Americans, Loguen Fraser became one of the first Black women to […]

New program gives access to First Officer jobs while candidates complete their military service  Military pilots don’t need an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate at the time of application but must complete all required flight training and certification prior to joining the airline  United hired over 4,000 new pilots in the last 24-months and expects to […]

Photos: YouTube Screenshots BOSTON—September 27, 2023—In a just released set of two companion articles — “Philanthropy’s Role in Reparations and Building a Culture of Racial Repair” and “

Comment on this storyComment The U.S. government plans to notify federal workers as soon as Thursday that a shutdown appears imminent, as the Biden administration embarks on the formal, methodical process of preparing much of Washington to come to a halt.

The dollar held to a 10-month high against a basket of major currencies (Euro, British pound, Japanese Yen, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, Canadian dollar) on Thursday, while the naira held to an all-time low on the black market as investors weighed upbeat economic data from the United States and new comments from Federal Reserve officials. […]

Near three dozen young female athletes – from beginners to advanced – were in for a surprise when visiting Chicago’s largest indoor turf soccer field in North Austin. The participants of Black Star’s soccer programs got an opportunity to practice with the national team stars Tierna Davidson and Alyssa Naeher.  U.S. Women’s National Soccer players […]

Comment on this storyComment It was over 29 years ago that Matthew Fogg, a retired chief deputy U.S. marshal, first filed a class-action lawsuit against the U.S. Marshals Service, alleging that a toxic environment of racism and discrimination permeated one of the country’s oldest federal law enforcement agencies and undercut career advancement opportunities for its […]

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