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In the last 20 years, major league sports in North America have seen some surprising and not so surprising changes in the diversity of their athletes. The NBA took the lead among men’s sports for having the most diverse teams. The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) releases an annual racial and gender […]

The following excerpts are taken from Arthur Ashe’s third book, “A Hard Road to Glory: A History of the African-American Athlete,” published by Warner Books.

The history of sports protests goes deep. Back, way back, on Jan. 13, 532 A.D., at the chariot races in Constantinople, rival drivers from the Blues and Greens teams asked the emperor Justinian to pardon two of their followers who had been condemned to die. His refusal led to the Nika Revolt, six weeks of […]

17th June 1965: Anti-Apartheid demonstrators outside the Waldorf Hotel in London where South African cricketers are staying. (Photo by Clive Limpkin/Express/Getty Images) Nearly 25 years have passed since South Africa returned to the international playing field, but issues as to why they were banned in the first place, remain. South African athletes of color still […]

Next year, Tokyo will host the Olympic Games. It has forced the emergence of a new generation of hopeful Japanese athletes with medal chances, and it has intensified the media’s focus on these young people. It is noteworthy that a significant number of these new stars on the Japanese sports arena are “hafu”, i.e. one […]

On 7 August 1992, at the Barcelona Olympic Games, two women lined up for the 10,000m not knowing that their spontaneous post-race display of fair play and celebration would have an impact on Africa and the world. Derartu Tulu, a black woman from Ethiopia, and Elana Meyer, a white South African, weren’t the favourites in […]

If progress is born from many small moments in the margins cresting into a public sea change, the impact of Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem during the 2016 football season presaged and charted the course for the huge wave of athletic activism seen in 2020 and carrying through to 2021. When Kaepernick protested […]

When Usain Bolt smashed the 100-meter World Record in Berlin of August 2009, it was both expected and unexpected. In Beijing of August 2008, Bolt ran the 100-meter in 9.69 and beat the rest of his competitors by a mile. In August 2009, he ran it in 9.58, which led to him becoming the fastest […]

For decades, Black athletes have spoken out on social issues and paved the way for change. (Matthew Tate) Sports protests have a long history in American athletics. In 1968, Tommie Smith and John Carlos threw up a black fist to illustrate their protest against racial discrimination and the unjust treatment of Black Americans. More than […]

Black sports history from the year you were born For more than 100 years, Black athletes have shaped the course of American sports. In the early 20th century, it was much harder for Black athletes to make an impact in their respective fields, but there were plenty of trailblazers, nonetheless. The Negro Leagues provided an […]

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