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An undated photograph of Africville.Credit…Library and Archives Canada Similar to the urban renewal policies of the 1950s and 60s in American cities, Halifax decided to relocate the residents of Africville in order to build commercial and industrial districts in the area. In 1964, the Halifax City Council voted to authorize the relocation of residents, though […]

Pathbreaking underground comics artist Aline Kominsky-Crumb died of pancreatic cancer at her home in the Cévennes region of southern France, at the age of seventy four on November 29. Kominsky-Crumb in the 1970s emerged as a comedic and artistic force with comics that unsparingly, often crassly, depicted the complex emotional and physical lives of women. […]

When Lauren Nicks, a senior at Spelman College in Atlanta, cast her vote in last month’s midterms, she did so in her home state of New York. Nicks, a 21-year-old international studies major at the historically black college, had been told months earlier by fellow students about a law that does not allow students from […]

“Fred had an amazing ability to exude intelligence, humor and charm whenever he was on camera,” Jim Walton, the former president of CNN Worldwide, said in a text. Mike Hill, who worked at ESPN and Fox Sports, wrote on Twitter that Mr. Hickman was a Black role model. “Long before I was inspired by any […]

A marathon election campaign will enter its final sprint on Tuesday when voters in Georgia decide the last seat in the US Senate – and shape the next phase of Joe Biden’s presidency. Opinion polls suggest a narrow lead for incumbent Democratic senator Raphael . . .

CNN  —  Some things have changed in the two weeks since Hakeem Jeffries learned – from listening to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech, sitting motionless with an intentional blank expression on his face for those who were watching – that

One of the virtues of a properly written revisionist history is that it forces the reader to confront the architecture of its telling—the details, facts, and theses that underpin any history—and it sets that confrontation on its own terms’, not the readers. Even the critics of the 1619 Project had to confront its arguments and […]

Warner Bros/New Line/DC’s Black Adam handily crossed $300M global this frame, landing so far at $182.3M from the international box office and $319.7M worldwide. The movie has seen some strong holds . . .

A new drought-tolerant variety of durum wheat has been created as part of an international breeding programme to boost climate resilience in the food system by increasing crop diversity. Durum wheat is used to make pasta, pizza crusts, and flatbreads such as pitta and chapatis, as well as for couscous, bulgur and pastry for desserts […]

In its third weekend, Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever continued to reign at the global and international box office. With a $32.1M offshore frame (-53%), the sequel has an overseas total of $308M for . . .

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