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AYANNA ALEXANDER and MATT BROWN, Associated Press 59 mins ago In this 1950’s file photo released by the National Archives, men included in a syphilis study pose for a photo in Tuskegee, Ala. Most Black Americans are likeliest to say that they experience racial discrimination regularly and that such experiences inform how they view major […]

20 May 2015 Updated 26 May 2015 Image source, Getty Images Image caption, There have been large-scale protests against police brutality across the US Recent high-profile cases of unarmed black men dying at the hands of the US police have sparked protests and civil unrest in several American cities. Four expert witnesses talk to the […]

“I think people all over the world love stories. It starts with fairy tales in childhood. People like to listen or watch fairytales. They like to joke and to listen to jokes. And these urban legends are very similar to jokes. But the main difference is that joke has to be funny to be passed […]

From Budapest to Birmingham, England, tens of thousands of Europeans took to the streets this past weekend in solidarity with Americans, calling for racial justice and an end to the abuse of power by police forces in the wake of the killing of George Floyd two weeks ago. They did so despite, in places, stormy […]

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In her final pitches to voters, Hillary Clinton has been arguing that much of what Donald Trump’s says amounts to “a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters” — as she put it in North Carolina last week. Meanwhile, reacting to one of Trump’s final ads, which suggests Clinton is a tool . . .

Introduction African Americans’ fight for equal rights has meant that their political interest has generally skewed toward domestic issues. However, their nuanced and opinionated responses to significant U.S. foreign policy initiatives throughout history and their growing presence in the foreign policy establishment is indicative of the community’s general interest in American statecraft.1 As the United […]

Finding somewhere to live can be a bit of a challenge these days as almost everywhere is so chuffing expensive, particularly if it’s near things you’d want to be around. However, some of the attempts to remedy this have come off as more unsettling that useful. Over in China there are some huge apartment complexes […]

The United States has the finest military in the world. Americans often think of it as a mirror of the country’s great melting pot and a principal means by which talented people from underprivileged groups can get an edge and move up. In many ways, this comforting image is true. But in one key way, […]

For the past decade, Mikayla Lowe Davis has been braiding and styling hair for her customers. “The first thing people see a lot of times is our hair,” she says. “We have to represent our crown and be confident with wearing it.” The 29-year-old stylist, who owns Mikki Styles Salon, is braiding in synthetic hair […]

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