Tax regimes on the African continent vary from country to country. With Nigeria having one of the highest corporate tax rate of 30% ,  it compares relatively better on the Value Added Tax, at 7.5% compared to Madagascar and Morroco which both have some of the highest rates on the continent at 20% while Cameroon […]


A Brief History of Kenya; East Africa’s Sleeping Giant

Kenya is an East African nation whose name originated from the traditional name of the Mt Kenya or Kirinyaga which is the county’s tallest mountain. The earliest inhabitants of Kenya were hunter-gatherers but from about 2,000 BC herders came to the region. Then from about 800 AD Arabs sailed to Kenya. Some settled and intermarried […]



In the spirit of the dedicated Black history month of February, attention has gone to the need for more Afro-centered history curriculum in African classes, something that has been missing across the board in Africa and the diaspora. Worth noting, is the fact that it’s not a coincidence that no real intellectual discourse and dispensation […]



Since the establishment of the organization of African Unity on 25th May, 1963 with the headquarters in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, the quest for African unity has been an elusive goal not just at the regional and national level but even at the interpersonal levels as evident in different institutions. From the inside, looking outward, it […]


Strengthening the Relations Between Africa and the Caribbean

With a prolonged period of the absence of strong ties between Africa and the Caribbean owing to the matter of colonialization and the consequences after, the goal to forge better and strong relations is at the heart of many Africans on the continent and in the Caribbean. The leadership mainly in West African nations such […]

Whereas some horror experiences rely on a player’s imagination to do most of the work, Stone and his team have also opted to harness the graphical power of the latest consoles to show, in intricate detail, what happens to the game’s characters when they meet their untimely and bloody end. He argues that people who […]

One of the best ways to build wealth in the United States is to own your own business. But just 2% of businesses with employees are Black-owned, according to a report from the Alliance for Entrepreneurial Equity. And that has . . .

An undated photograph of Africville.Credit…Library and Archives Canada Similar to the urban renewal policies of the 1950s and 60s in American cities, Halifax decided to relocate the residents of Africville in order to build commercial and industrial districts in the area. In 1964, the Halifax City Council voted to authorize the relocation of residents, though […]

To be a victim of injustice hurts hard. To be a victim of indifference hurts deeper and longer. And that is what is most gutting about the U.S. Senate runoff in Georgia between Herschel Walker and Senator Raphael Warnock. How the hell did we get here? I grieve the fact that someone like Mr. Walker […]

CNN  —  Former President Donald Trump called for the termination of the Constitution to overturn the 2020 election and reinstate him to power Saturday in a continuation of his election denialism and pushing of fringe conspiracy theories.

For years, its subscriber base and profits rose gradually and steadily. Then the pandemic struck. “You could track it by country,” said Mr. Allebest. “India locked down, registrations from India went through the roof. Italy locked down, registrations went through the roof. Literally our team went to 24/7, white knuckling to scale our service.” A […]

Lana Hart is a Christchurch-based writer, broadcaster and tutor. OPINION: What a time for sport! More World Cups than should be permitted in a single month, golfer

Covid-19 was the first pandemic in the era of social media and voluminous mass communications allowed it to become an existential moment for the use and abuse of knowledge, the former acting chief medical officer of Ireland has said. Dr Ronan Glynn was speaking about uncertainty in medicine at the annual Doolin memorial lecture hosted […]

“We have emphasized a holistic approach in regard to supporting Black businesses, meaning that we work closely with retailers to identify opportunities, beyond just expanded shelf space, to break down barriers that have systematically held back Black entrepreneurs,” LaToya Williams-Belfort, the executive director of the 15 Percent Pledge, said in an email. Ms. Wilson is […]

Pathbreaking underground comics artist Aline Kominsky-Crumb died of pancreatic cancer at her home in the Cévennes region of southern France, at the age of seventy four on November 29. Kominsky-Crumb in the 1970s emerged as a comedic and artistic force with comics that unsparingly, often crassly, depicted the complex emotional and physical lives of women. […]

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