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Courtesy of NNPA The startling and enduring differences in murder rates between Black and white women in the United States have been highlighted in a new analysis published in the ”Lancet Medical Journal,” which serves as an eye-popping reminder that Malcolm X’s well-known observations on the struggles Black women in America endure. In one of his […]

(FOX40.COM) — Following the mass migration of the Gold Rush in the early 1850s, an African American New York barber, his wife, and two children made the 3,000-mile journey west to strike a figurative gold of their own. Finding themselves in Sacramento, Samuel B. Hyers set up shop in the future capital city as his […]

By Lina ZeldovichFeatures correspondent Allen Creative/Steve Allen/AlamyA wooden walkway now juts out over the marshy flats where Fort Mose was built in 1738 (Credit: Allen Creative/Steve Allen/Alamy) Nearly 200 years before slavery was abolished in the US, Black freedom-seekers journeyed south instead of north to a place that promised freedom. In October 1687, a dugout […]

The COVID-19 pandemic and the racial reckoning following George Floyd’s murder pushed many Black Americans to go abroad in search of acceptance. In a trend some refer to as “Blaxit,” Black Americans are taking advantage of Africa’s significantly reduced cost of living and what they described as the lack of racism and discrimination they faced […]

  I was a young child when Rodney King fell victim to police brutality and when, later, the officers involved were acquitted. I remember briefly seeing the clips of the widespread rioting on the news, burning buildings, people crying and businesses destroyed before my parents flipped the channel. Arguably, I was too young to understand the […]

WORCESTER, Mass. – Getting a book published can be a difficult task, even by today’s standards. In the 19th century, facing many obstacles including finances and race, Worcester’s Black authors would do it on their own. “What Worcester writers did is something different,” said John Garcia, the American Antiquarian Society’s director of scholarly programs and partnerships. […]

Nikki Haley was criticized for omitting slavery when she was asked about the cause of the civil war but she has since walked her statement back. Last summer, the Florida State Board of Education faced backlash for updating standards on how African American history should be taught in the state’s public schools . . .

Watch CBS New York’s special “Black History is American History” – CBS New York Watch CBS News Black history is American history, and you can find that rich culture and history throughout New York City’s five boroughs. CBS New York’s Maurice DuBois hosts our Black History Month special. Be the first to know Get browser […]

“Simply put, Black women are the backbone of modern day philanthropy.” So asserts a new book, Portraits of Us: A Book of Essays Centering Black Women Leading Philanthropy, edited by Toya Nash Randall, former board chair of Black Foundation Executives and “curator and catalyst” of Voice. Vision. Value., the digital platform that published the book […]

Listen to this article here By Rasheed Ahmed, Executive Director of the Indian American Muslim Council It is now well known that Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. drew deep inspiration from India’s leader Mahatma Gandhi. “While the Montgomery boycott was going on,” King wrote, “India’s Gandhi was the guiding light of our technique of nonviolent […]

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