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The NB2A supports existing Black brewers and business owners, but will also invite the next generation to be a part of its growth. Central to the NB2A’s mission is creating pathways for knowledge among members of the Black brewing community, as well as increasing the opportunities available to Black brewery owners until their numbers are […]

Published 05-24-23 Submitted by U.S. Bank Photo: Scott Ford, left, Greg Cunningham and Sekou Kaalund participated in the LinkedIn Live discussion. Originally published on U.S. Bank company blog For many Black Americans, historic discriminatory policies and lack of access to credit have prevented them from building wealth and from . . .

Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity describes how the fabric of space and time, or spacetime, is curved in response to mass. Our sun, for example, warps space around us such that planet Earth rolls around the sun like a marble tossed into a funnel (Earth does not fall into the sun due to the […]

The analysis was made by the Russian blogger Alexey Lenkov. His evaluations, opinions, and comments do not reflect the position of The analysis was sent to our email. *** The huge losses of the enemy in aviation forced the Western curators to decide on the potential transfer of F-16 fighters to Ukraine, which are […]

Black bear roams the streets in US state of Washington  Sky News Australia Source link

By Zusha Elinson | Photographs by Amy Osborne for The Wall Street Journal May 28, 2023 12:01 am ET Listen to article (2 minutes) ANTIOCH, Calif.—For at least four years, officers in this small Bay Area city called Black residents racial slurs, bragged about beating suspects and joked about violating people’s civil rights in text […]

FORT WORTH – Ida Cordelia Black, a beloved homemaker and loving spouse and parent peacefully passed to Heaven on Monday, May 22, 2023, surrounded by her family. Until her passing, she lived independently in her Fort Worth home with the loving assistance of her family, her neighbors, and later, her beloved caregivers. She was known […]

By Brianna Sharpe, NewsOne If you’re wondering what the debt ceiling is and how it affects Black communities, you’re not alone. There is an ongoing debt ceiling crisis and it’s raising concerns about its disproportionate impact on Black communities. According to the 

What barriers do Black women face in seeking Senate seats?  WBUR News Source link

New census data shows that Motor City may not be the Blackest city in America anymore. There has been a population decline in Detroit, Detroit Free Press reports, and while the city’s Mayor, Mike Duggan, is unhappy with the new report, he may have to live with that reality. Last week, the U.S. Census Bureau […]

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