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The news: Google, which was seen as the industry leader in AI before the debut of ChatGPT in late 2022, is now seen as lagging OpenAI. The February launch of the latest version of Gemini, Google’s flagship tool, was supposed to show its prowess. Like many technologists nonetheless building world-changing . . .

Carlos Osorio/AP Porcha Woodruff poses on August 7, 2023, in Oak Park, Michigan. Woodruff’s lawsuit is the latest to zero in on facial recognition technology and its potential risks. CNN  —  Detroit’s police chief on Wednesday blamed “poor investigative work,” not the use of facial recognition technology, for the arrest of a Black mother who

American Amara Majeed was accused of terrorism by the Sri Lankan police in 2019. Robert Williams was arrested outside his house in Detroit and detained in jail for 18 hours for allegedly stealing watches in 2020. Randal Reid spent six days in jail in 2022 for supposedly using stolen credit cards in a state he’d […]

We think visibility is a primary factor that contributes towards the underrepresentation of Black scientists across the biomedical sciences. Going back as far as in secondary school, we didn’t see people who represented us in these fields, sometimes even within our own families. A lack of access to understanding what such a career entails can […]

Rite Aid used facial recognition systems to identify shoppers that were previously deemed “likely to engage” in shoplifting without customer consent and misidentified people – particularly women and Black, Latino or Asian people – on “numerous” occasions, according to a new settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. As part of the settlement, Rite Aid has […]

The tech industry is a notoriously lonely place for African Americans. Black workers comprise only 6.9 percent of STEM employees, and less than 5 percent of the workforce at tech companies in Silicon Valley. At tech behemoths like Google and Yahoo, Black workers made up 1 percent of the workforce. A new study shows that […]

On April 8, the moon’s shadow will glide across Mexico, into the United States and finally into Canada, producing one of nature’s greatest spectacles: A total solar eclipse. But if you want to see it, you’ll likely have to travel to eastern Canada — and into a very narrow path that stretches from southern Ontario, through […]

For Howard business professor Curtis C. Cain, the big wake-up call about diversity and computing came during his initial week in graduate school at Auburn University.  His orientation looked a lot different from anything he had experienced attending high school in Atlanta or undergrad at Johnson C. Smith University, an HBCU. “I looked around and […]

Elon Musk Keeps Spreading a Very Specific Kind of Racism – Mother Jones  Mother Jones Source link

The pharmacy chain Rite Aid misused facial recognition technology in a way that subjected shoppers to unfair searches and humiliation, the Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday, part of a landmark settlement that could raise questions about the technology’s use in stores, airports and other venues nationwide. Federal regulators said Rite Aid activated . . .

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