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GORHAM, N.H. — Staff Sgt. Tanner W. Grone, a U.S. Army soldier from New Hampshire who was one of five aviation special operations forces killed when their helicopter crashed in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, is being remembered as a devoted family member, friend and leader. Grone, 25, of Gorham, was on board the UH-60 helicopter on […]

MIDLOTHIAN, Texas — Two women have died and two other people were injured in a wrong-way crash that happened early Saturday morning, according to Midlothian police. A MPD Traffic Commander tells WFAA that officers were dispatched right at midnight after getting a report of a vehicle going north in the southbound lanes of Highway 287 […]

Millions of travelers could be en route as the storm hits. November 26, 2023, 11:23 AM ET • 6 min read A massive winter storm containing snow and heavy rain could disrupt travel for millions of Americans who will be returning home from the Thanksgiving holiday on Sunday, regarded as the busiest travel day of […]

Editor’s note: The video above includes the top headlines from Sunday, Nov. 26, 2023. TEXAS (KXAN) — One Texas city was named one of the most popular destinations for Gen X residents to move to in 2022, according to a 2023 study conducted by financial technology company SmartAsset. The cities were ranked based on which […]

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said in an interview on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” that the Biden administration has “reason to believe” one American hostage will be released on Sunday, the third day of a temporary cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. Asked by host Kristen Welker this morning if he expects American hostages to […]

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the United States expects at least one American hostage being held by militant group Hamas to be released Sunday. “At least one American will be released today. I cannot confirm who it will be, or that it will absolutely happen because until we see that American out of Gaza, […]

Universal health care remains an unrealized dream for the United States. But in some parts of the country, the dream has drawn closer to a reality in the 13 years since the Affordable Care Act passed. Overall, the number of uninsured Americans has fallen from 46.5 million in 2010, the year President Barack Obama signed […]

Tyler Merren and the Men’s Goalball Team Finish Fourth in Tokyo | Goalball | Tokyo 2020Jun 9, 2023 | 1:30min Source link

A blast shattered the stillness of a meadow in the Ozark Mountains on an autumn afternoon. Then another, and another, and another, until the whole meadow was in flames. Special Operations troops were training with rocket launchers again. Each operator held a launch tube on his shoulder, a few inches from his head, then took […]

Ukraine’s 2023 fighting season is drawing to a close under a cloud of unmet expectations. Its soldiers and citizens, who are steeling themselves for a Russian winter blitz, will not be warmed by the memories of summer success, Kyiv’s long-awaited counteroffensive operation having failed to achieve the breakthrough needed to collapse Moscow’s occupation of the […]

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