Universal health care remains an unrealized dream for the United States. But in some parts of the country, the dream has drawn closer to a reality in the 13 years since the Affordable Care Act passed. Overall, the number of uninsured Americans has fallen from 46.5 million in 2010, the year President Barack Obama signed […]

The article was presented at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management 2021 Fall Conference (virtual), March 28, 2022; the AcademyHealth 2022 Annual Research Meeting in Washington, D.C., June 7, 2022; and the 11th Annual Conference of the American Society of Health Economists in Austin, Texas, June 29, 2022. Sujoy Chakravarty has received funding […]

Black and Latino Americans saw surges in health care insurance enrollment through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) between 2020 and 2022; Medicaid enrollment and spending is expected to slow in 2023; the Biden administration is preparing a national hepatitis C treatment plan. Increases in Black, Latino Health Insurance Coverage A new HHS report showed . […]

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