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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — An injury-time goal gave the United States a 1-0 win against Ecuador in one of the opening matches of the Under-20 World Cup on Saturday. Hours later, host Argentina beat Asian champions Uzbekistan 2-1. While the Argentinians go to the top of Group A on goal difference, team U.S. ended […]

On the first day of class in her eighth year of a law degree, Natalia Villagra emerges from the subway running an hour late. Between a half-time job, and a 1.5-hour commute from the outskirts of Buenos Aires, she’s mastered the art of moving quickly without appearing flustered. “Any young person from the [slums] could […]

In 2016, I interviewed 26 members of the Argentine armed forces who were in active duty during the country’s last military dictatorship, some of whom were under house arrest. After three months of reporting, I couldn’t help but feel that I was being followed. Conducting interviews from the Naval Center social club to middle and […]

NEW YORK, April 25 (Reuters) – Argentina’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa pledged on Tuesday to unleash “all tools” to counter a dangerous slide in the peso currency, which has plumbed near 500 pesos per dollar in popular black markets amid wider economic fears. The peso hit 495 on Tuesday in informal markets that have flourished […]

I traveled to Argentina for two weeks in February. While in Buenos Aires, the capital, I learned of a system of multiple exchange rates for Argentine pesos. The “blue dollar” exchange rate set by the black market will extend U.S. tourists’ money twice as far as the officially quoted rate. You can legally access that […]

On a cold November morning in Buenos Aires, Argentina, scores of women began gathering in the central district of the capital. Some of them had made arduous journeys of over 1,000 km across the country; most of them were Indigenous. Once the crowd had swelled and the leaders were accounted for, the women, wearing traditional […]

LUSAIL, Qatar (AP) — Lionel Messi, wearing a black Qatari robe over his blue-and-white Argentina shirt, kissed the World Cup, shuffled toward his teammates and hoisted the golden trophy high in the air. It was an iconic sight that finally — definitively — places the soccer superstar in the pantheon of the game’s greatest players.

AL RAYYAN, Nov 25 (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s stunning 2-1 comeback win over Argentina in their World Cup Group C opener this week sent shockwaves across the football world but for coach Herve Renard it was just one of three difficult group games, with Poland up next on Saturday.

Politicians have lost credibility because of their inability to tame the rising cost of living. But a new ‘super minister’ will give it another try ahead of the 2023 presidential elections. Sergio Massa, Argentina’s new ‘‘super minister’’ of economy, production and agriculture, greets supporters in Buenos Aires after taking office on August 3, 2022. © […]

Irina Werning had to buy new batteries for her camera flash the other day. The Buenos Aires-based photographer first tried her local supermarket, but the price was too high. She went to an office supplies store, a corner shop, a kiosk, a tool shop, another supermarket. This small errand had become an expedition in circumventing […]

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