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The clock struck midnight on New Years’ Eve as patrons of the Black Cat Tavern shared their first kisses of 1967. They danced and celebrated to the Rhythm Queens, a Black trio who performed a rock cover of “Auld Lang Syne.” Only moments later, as many as a dozen plainclothes officers from the Los Angeles […]

One thing about the Sony slate of Spider-Man properties that are in development at the studio is that projects come and go, depending on the popularity and availability of characters and creators. While Tom Hardy’s Venom appears to be the bedrock foundation of that universe, setting up a possible Venom 3, there have been plenty […]

Cat Lost at Boston Airport Found 3 Weeks Later | Skip to content Top Navigation Close this dialog window Explore Close this dialog window Share & More Close this dialog window View image Cat Lost in Boston Airport Found After Evading Capture for 3 Weeks: ‘I’m Kind of in Disbelief’ this link is […]

Rowdy the cat is shown here after being captured on Wednesday at Logan Airport in Boston. The cat escaped her cage as her family was returning to the U.S. after an Army deployment to Germany. Massport via AP hide caption toggle caption Massport via AP Rowdy the cat is shown here after being captured on […]

Placeholder while article actions load Here’s some good news, of a sort, about money in US politics. One of the oddities of current campaign cash flows is that, every once in awhile, a hopeless general election candidate catches on with the party faithful — generally because he or she has a famous opponent who the […]

A black cat named Jinx was mayor of the Michigan town of Hell for a day (Pictures: Instagram) A black cat famous on social media for her big eyes and oversized paws became the mayor of a US town named Hell, for a day. Jinx, the feline with more than 736,000 TikTok followers, 402,000 on […]

A U.S. Army soldier is hoping to overcome hurdles to bring his pet back home with him after deployment. When Spc. Kaiden arrived on duty overseas, he saw a cat that would watch everyone from atop pallets, but run away afraid if anyone approached her. One day, Spc. Kaiden decided to sit on the pallets to see how the […]

We can’t let August 17 slip by without recognizing Black Cat Appreciation Day! Black cats are often overlooked in shelters and rescues, so Best Friends Animal Society is taking this opportunity to appreciate and elevate the status of black cats and to show anyone looking for a forever friend that these cool cats are beautiful […]

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