Tensions in the South China Sea cross a line A diver’s underwater cutting of a section of rope in the South China Sea, as shown in a short video clip this week, may seem too simple an act to qualify as a serious international incident. But that diver was with the Philippine Coast Guard, and […]

The American Red Cross is experiencing a national blood shortage. Fewer donors than needed gave this summer, drawing down the national blood supply and reducing distributions of some of the most needed blood types to hospitals. Hurricane Idalia further strained the blood supply with blood drive cancellations and reduced blood and platelet donations in affected […]

Blood donations urgently needed for hospital patients in wake of back-to-back climate disasters and critical summer shortfall The American Red Cross national blood supply has fallen to critically low levels—dropping nearly 25%– since early August, and potentially threatening the medical care of patients with an emergency need for blood, or those living with critical conditions […]

Idalia is now a hurricane expected to be a dangerous Category 3 storm when it makes landfall in Florida Wednesday. The American Red Cross urges people in the path of Idalia to listen to local authorities and evacuate immediately if asked to do so. Parts of Florida and southern Georgia could see the effects of […]

The country is seeing multiple large disasters this summer and American Red Cross disaster workers are responding across the U.S. These devastating emergencies ─ many set in motion by the climate crisis ─ are disrupting lives and entire communities as the frequency and intensity of extreme weather rapidly increases across the globe.   In addition to […]

The contest scenarios placed students in various roles as legal councils defending or prosecuting a case. Some rounds they role-played as the International Red Cross, others they were military JAG officers or civilian attorneys for a think tank organization.  “It was really surreal,” said Kate. “I was like, ‘Wow, I’m really about to do this! […]

Typhoon Mawar has heavily impacted the U.S. territory of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) with intense winds, flooding rain and a life-threatening storm surge. Mawar is projected to be the largest, strongest storm to strike the region in two decades. Guam has a population of more than 150,000 people, many […]

Thousands of Sudanese have migrated to neighboring Chad to escape fighting in the western region of Darfur, while thousands more have left the capital city of Khartoum due to the outbreak of intense gunfire Thursday after the failure of yet another cease-fire. Forces commanded by two previously allied leaders of Sudan’s ruling council began a […]

The claim: Russians are retreating from Ukraine after US Navy crosses the Turkish straits A March 12 Facebook video (direct link, archived link) shows a compilation of footage of warships and military personnel. “Even the Ukrainians shocked- US Navy finally crossed Turkish Straits! Russians are retreating!” reads . . .

El PASO, April 1 (Reuters) – After her husband survived a fire which killed dozens of migrants at a detention center in northern Mexico, Venezuelan Viangly Infante crossed into the United States on Saturday, in search of new opportunities for her three children. Infante’s husband, Eduard Caraballo, was transferred by ambulance from a hospital in […]

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