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What Uneaka Daniels experienced the last couple of times she was in the United States was enough to keep her away for a long time. Bermuda-born and raised Daniels was in Atlanta in 2019 and decided to get her hair done. On her way to the salon, she stopped a man to ask for directions. […]

Many politicians and officials used the moment to press that Ukraine would lose the war without the $60 billion more in U.S. military aid currently awaiting a vote in the House. But they also sounded far from certain about what a victory might look like for Ukraine even with that boost. The conference comes as […]

When Russia conducted a series of secret military satellite launches around the time of its invasion of Ukraine in early 2022, American intelligence officials began delving into the mystery of what, exactly, the Russians were doing. Later, spy agencies discovered Russia was working on a new kind of space-based weapon that could threaten the thousands […]

US strikes on Iraq, Syria drive fears of regional escalation from Gaza war  Al Jazeera English Source link

There are very real pressures that exist because of the recent increase in immigrants to the United States. The number of immigrants who have been released into the country to await legal proceedings is over 2 million since 2021 — an unusually large number but a smaller one than is often presented in political rhetoric. […]

US troops killed in Mideast as fears of wider war deepen: Live updates  CNN Source link

More than 30 Palestinians, including young children, were killed in Israeli bombardments overnight into Saturday in the Gaza Strip, officials said, while a new U.S. strike against Iran-backed rebels in Yemen heightened fears that the Israel-Hamas war could escalate into a regional conflict.  Fears of a wider conflagration have been palpable since the start of […]

CNN  —  Escalating attacks on US troops and commercial shipping and incidents often involving Iran and its proxies are causing new concerns that . . .

Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III said on Wednesday that fears of a wider regional war in the Middle East would probably subside once Israel transitioned its military mission in Gaza to lower-intensity combat operations. Asked whether a decision by Israel to shift from high-intensity operations to more targeted, intelligence-driven missions, as the Biden administration […]

American oil fields are gushing again. Only three years after U.S. oil production collapsed during the pandemic, energy companies are cranking out a record 13.2 million barrels a day, more than Russia or Saudi Arabia. The flow of oil has grown by roughly 800,000 barrels a day since early 2022 and analysts expect the industry […]

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