The waters in and around the United States have had a long history of claiming Black life since the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Along the Kansas and Missouri border, a small, unassuming creek is a part of this lineage, researchers say.  For years, Johnson County, Kansas, residents believed the Big Negro Creek that cut through their […]

An innovative housing partnership is getting underway as site preparation begins on a 96-unit affordable housing development for Black and Indigenous families, Elders and individuals in New Westminster. “This unique development will help us address an urgent need for affordable housing for Black and Indigenous people and families in New Westminster,” said Jennifer Whiteside, MLA for […]

At International Publishers’ 100th anniversary symposium in New York in October, Dr. Gerald Horne announced a research prize for the best new manuscript submitted to International that reflects the links between Indigenous dispossession and slavery/Jim Crow. The Jerry and Flora Horne Scholarship will award $1,000 to the winning applicant. Horne—known for such books as

Oct 13, 2023 9:37 AM EDT Amnesty International urge reparations for Black Americans and Indigenous Peoples Amnesty International is calling for reparations for Black Americans and Indigenous Peoples during the United Nations Human Rights Committee 139th Session. Geneva, Switzerland – During the 139th session of the United Nations Human Rights Committee, Amnesty International is once again calling […]

Stephanie Sy: The story of Bruce’s Beach is a story about what could and should have been. Over 100 years ago, an industrious Black woman in Southern California dreamt of owning a beach resort, but was refused whenever she tried. Willa Bruce eventually acquired land in Manhattan Beach, telling The Los Angeles Times in 1912: […]

Voluntary medical surveillance data from 2002-2023 led them to conclude that not every recipient of healthcare services for this specific condition fares equally. “In a recent surveillance study of active Indigenous coal miners, 3% had coal worker’s pneumoconiosis/black lung and 9% had respiratory impairment,” the article reads. “Coal miners who are totally disabled from black […]

Richard Drew/AP The south entrance to the American Museum of Natural History in New York. CNN  —  The American Museum of Natural History in New York will remove all human remains displayed in its exhibits and is preparing a new storage location for its collection of 12,000 remains – which includes skeletal remains of Indigenous […]

For the first time in nine years, the United Nations Human Rights Committee will review U.S. compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of South Dakota are joining dozens of other U.S. civil society organizations this week (Oct. 16, 20230 in Geneva, Switzerland, […]

From Alcatraz Island to a park in New York City, Native American people will celebrate their centuries-long history of resilience on Monday with ceremonies, dances and speeches. The events across the U.S. come two years after President Joe Biden officially commemorated Indigenous Peoples Day. An increasing number of states and cities have also recognized it […]

A judge with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation ruled an 1866 treaty offers path to citizenship for Black slave descendants. In the United States, a judge for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation (MCN) has ruled in favour of citizenship for two descendants of Black slaves once owned by tribal members, potentially paving the way for hundreds of […]

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