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Brandon Bell/Getty Images Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at a ‘First In The Nation’ campaign rally at South Carolina State University on February 2, 2024, in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Washington CNN  —  Vice President Kamala Harris faces the fraught task Friday of reassuring US allies on the world stage, as lawmakers

By Bernd Debusmann Jr & Anthony Zurcher BBC News, Washington 13 February 2024 Updated 1 hour ago To play this content, please enable JavaScript, or try a different browser Video caption, Watch: President Biden calls Trump’s Nato comments “shameful” President Joe Biden has blasted criticism of Nato by his likely 2024 election challenger, Donald Trump, […]

President Biden denounced former President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday for encouraging Russia to attack certain NATO allies, calling the comments “dumb,” “shameful,” “dangerous” and “un-American” as he implored House Republicans to defy their putative nominee and pass new security aid for Ukraine and Israel. In a televised statement, Mr. Biden said a $95 billion […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Tuesday said Donald Trump’s comments calling into question the U.S. commitment to defend its NATO allies from attack were “dangerous” and “un-American,” seizing on the former president’s comments that sowed fresh fears among U.S. partners about its dependability on the global stage. Trump, the front-runner in the U.S. […]

WASHINGTON — The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., said Monday that U.S. “credibility is at stake” with each of its alliances, including NATO, which former President Donald Trump disparaged in recent remarks. In an interview with NBC “Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt at the Pentagon, Brown was asked […]

US Defence Secretary Austin cancels Nato meetings amid return to hospital Source link

Former United States President Donald Trump has stirred strong reactions in Europe after saying Washington might not protect NATO allies from potential attack from Russia if he wins the November election unless some members of the alliance step up their military spending. Speaking at a campaign rally on Saturday in South Carolina, the Republican Party’s […]

Former President Donald Trump said Saturday he would encourage Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” if it attacked a NATO country that didn

35 minutes ago To play this content, please enable JavaScript, or try a different browser Video caption, Watch: Trump would not protect countries from attack by Russia if they do not pay enough into Nato Donald Trump’s suggestion the US would not protect Nato allies failing to spend enough on defence “undermines all of our […]

Former President Donald J. Trump said on Saturday that, while president, he told the leaders of NATO countries that he would “encourage” Russia “to do whatever the hell they want” to countries that had not paid the money they owed to the military alliance. Mr. Trump did not make clear whether he ever intended to […]

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