I was a young child when Rodney King fell victim to police brutality and when, later, the officers involved were acquitted. I remember briefly seeing the clips of the widespread rioting on the news, burning buildings, people crying and businesses destroyed before my parents flipped the channel. Arguably, I was too young to understand the […]

“Simply put, Black women are the backbone of modern day philanthropy.” So asserts a new book, Portraits of Us: A Book of Essays Centering Black Women Leading Philanthropy, edited by Toya Nash Randall, former board chair of Black Foundation Executives and “curator and catalyst” of Voice. Vision. Value., the digital platform that published the book […]

Odysseus is the first spacecraft built by a private company to land on the lunar surface. The United States has pulled off its first lunar landing in more than half a century with a spacecraft built and operated by a Texas-based private company. Odysseus, an uncrewed robot lander built by Houston-based Intuitive Machines with funding […]

During a campaign fundraiser in San Francisco, the US president called his Russian counterpart a ‘crazy SOB’. The Kremlin has lashed out at United States President Joe Biden, saying his comments about his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, were a poor attempt to appear like a “Hollywood cowboy”. Biden on Wednesday called Putin a “crazy SOB […]

Military says targets presented ‘imminent threat’ as missiles were ‘prepared to launch towards the Red Sea’. The United States military says it conducted four “self-defence” strikes against the Houthis, destroying seven antiship cruise missiles, a mobile ballistic missile launcher and a drone originating from areas of Yemen controlled by the Iran-aligned group. The . . […]

The UK government approved Assange’s extradition to the US in June 2022, after a judge initially blocked it because concerns over his mental health meant he would be at risk of suicide if deported. The High Court in London will determine whether Assange will have further opportunities to argue his case before a UK court, […]

blinking-dotLive updatesLive updates, Medical charity MSF says Israeli military bombed a shelter hosting its staff in southern Gaza while Palestinians reported killed in Israeli raids across occupied West Bank. Source link

The University of California, San Francisco recently invited a speaker to deliver a lecture during Black History Month that featured several racially charged statements.  On Feb. 8, author and critical theorist Dante King delivered a talk at UCSF titled: “Diagnosing Whiteness and Anti-Blackness: White Psychopathology, Collective Psychosis and Trauma in America,” which focused on “the […]

Good morning. Lawyers for the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, will on Tuesday begin a final attempt to prevent his extradition to the US, where, if convicted, he may be sentenced to life imprisonment. A two-day hearing in the high court will consider whether Assange can be granted leave to appeal against an extradition decision made […]

While theatre at William & Mary is nearing its 100th anniversary, the history of the African American presence on the mainstage is much more recent – and much less known. As an alumnus and faculty member, Professor of Theatre and Africana Studies Omiyẹmi (Artisia) Green ’00 has both witnessed and played a significant role in […]

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