On June 29, 1788, imperial Russian troops laid siege to Ozi, an Ottoman fortress on the northern Black Sea coast. On the same day, a Russian naval squadron, commanded by Admiral M.I. Voinovich, left Sevastopol in Crimea for Ozi. Their mission was to prevent any Turkish attack on the Crimean shores and also to offer […]

The Kremlin might be spinning Russia’s withdrawal from Snake Island — a tiny piece of land off the Bessarabian coast that rose to international prominence through the defiance of its Ukrainian garrison in the early hours of the war — as an act of “good will.” In reality, the forced retreat after a successful Ukrainian […]

The world is facing a global food crisis brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine’s agricultural products are critical for global food security—Russia and Ukraine account for 13 percent and 8.5 percent of the world’s wheat exports, respectively—and sanctions against Russia, as well as Moscow’s naval blockade of Ukraine’s sea ports, have […]

Earlier this month, a ship called the Fedor steamed south through the Bosphorus before stopping at Bandırma, a Turkish port just south of Istanbul. The Russian bulk carrier was hauling 9,000 tonnes of corn, which it delivered to local buyer Yayla Agro, one of Turkey’s leading producers of pulses, grains and rice. According to the […]

State-of-the-art US stealth F-35 fighter jets tracked over the Black Sea. Image: Twitter @IAPonomarenko ON Monday, June 27, US forces’ F-35 fighter jets were spotted over Romania’s Black Sea after reportedly taking off from the Czech Republic. Believed to be a warning to Russia, state-of-the-art US F-35 fighter jets were tracked over the Black Sea […]

The Group of Seven (G7) nations on Tuesday committed USD 4.5 billion to protect the most vulnerable people from malnutrition and called on Russia to end its blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports. “We commit to an additional USD 4.5 billion to protect the most vulnerable from hunger and malnutrition, amounting to a total of […]

Ukrainian missiles struck three Russian gas rigs in the Black Sea, according to reports. Ukraine claimed that Russia was using the gas platform as a military installation. Ukraine has launched missile strikes against three Russian gas rigs in the Black Sea. Seven people were missing and three injured after one of the attacks, according to […]

Johnson: the UK ready to assist in demining the Black Sea Britain is willing to help with demining efforts off the southern coast of Ukraine During a trip to Rwanda for a Commonwealth summit, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the same thing in an interview. “As mentioned, Russia has prevented Ukraine from receiving more […]

McGranahan, G., Balk, D. & Anderson, B. The rising tide: Assessing the risks of climate change and human settlements in low elevation coastal zones. Environ. Urban. 19, 17–37. (2007).

The Russian navy has been given orders to lay mines at the ports of Odesa and Ochakiv, and has already mined the Dnieper River, as part of a blockade of Ukrainian grain exports, according to newly declassified US intelligence. US officials also released satellite images showing the damage inflicted by Russian missile strikes earlier this […]

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