US Department of Defense U.S. Central Command supported maritime operations conducted by partner naval forces that resulted in the seizure of advanced weapons during an interdiction in the Gulf of Oman, Jan. 15. CNN  —  The US will transfer thousands of

(CNN) — US investigators seized artworks by Austrian painter Egon Schiele from three museums amid claims Nazis stole them from a Jewish collector during World War II. Museums in Chicago, Pittsburgh and Oberlin, Ohio were named in search warrants issued by New York state’s Supreme Court, which said it has “reasonable cause” to believe that the […]

Egon Schiele art seized in US over Holocaust claim  BBC Source link

By Dearbail Jordan BBC News 3 hours ago Image source, Art Institute of Chicago Image caption, Russian War Prisoner by Egon Schiele US authorities have seized artworks by the Austrian artist Egon Schiele from American museums following a claim they were looted during the Holocaust. Investigators in New York . . .

HOUSTON, Aug 20 (Reuters) – A cargo of Iranian crude oil that was seized by the United States was unloading on Sunday after waiting two-and-a-half months off the coast of Texas to discharge, ship tracking data showed. Suez Rajan, a Marshall Islands-flagged tanker, has been anchored off Galveston, about 50 miles (80 km) outside of […]

July 9 (Reuters) – SVB Financial Group (SIVBQ.PK) has sued the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) to recover the $1.93 billion the regulator seized during its takeover of the failed Silicon Valley Bank in March, according to a filing in a bankruptcy court on Sunday.

CNN  —  The US Navy says Iran seized a commercial vessel that may have been engaged in smuggling as it sailed in international waters in the Arabian Gulf on Thursday. It comes one day after Iran

For much of their lives, the Jones siblings had passed by a parking lot on the campus of the University of Alabama in Huntsville without giving it much thought. Then one day, a relative casually pointed to the spot and said she thought it was once owned by their ancestors, who had farmed the land […]

(CNN) The World Health Organization warned Tuesday of a “huge biological risk” after Sudanese fighters seized the National Public Health Laboratory in the capital Khartoum, as Western and Asian nations raced to mount rapid evacuation efforts from the country and violence punctured a fragile US-brokered ceasefire.

(CNN) Six months after US authorities in New York seized three metal swords and a stone axe head that had been stolen from Ukraine, the cultural artifacts were returned to the people they belong to. The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, DC, accepted the artifacts Friday, according to a Twitter

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