(CBM) – On April 8, U.S. Congressmember Sydney Kamlager-Dove (D-CA-37) moderated a roundtable focused on Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) strategies to improve Black student performance in classrooms. Kamlager-Dove, who represents a district that covers parts of Los Angeles County, hopes that ideas shared at the event can be incorporated into models that can […]

<!– –> Manny Espinoza contacted emergency services shortly after the incident New details emerged in a case Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd calls “one of the most bizarre” they’ve encountered. A 21-year-old pre-med student, Emmanuel “Manny” Espinoza, is accused of stabbing his mother, Elvia Espinoza, 46, to death on Saturday afternoon, Fox News reported. According […]

<!– –> The student, identified as Uma Satya Sai Gadde, was pursuing his education in Ohio’s Cleveland. New Delhi: An Indian student has died in the US state of Ohio, the Indian Consulate in New York said on Friday, adding that an investigation is underway to ascertain the cause of death. The student, identified as […]

By Brandon Drenon BBC News, Washington 23 February 2024 To play this content, please enable JavaScript, or try a different browser Video caption, Watch: Darryl George gets choked up saying the last six months at school has been lonely A Texas judge has ruled that a school district did not discriminate against a black high […]

ST. LEON, Ind. — Wherever East Central High School senior Cameron Blasek goes, so does Old Glory. The American Flag blows in the wind on the back of his blue Dodge 4×4. “The flag itself represents this country, this beautiful country that we live in,” Blasek said. “It also represents the people who fought their […]

For Osanyem, “Black History Month celebrates resilience, diversity, and the rich history of Black people in North America and worldwide.” He adds, “To me, it’s a time to honour the contributions of Black individuals, foster understanding, and build a sense of community. Black History Month encourages me to look into the stories of remarkable individuals […]

Duke Student Affairs Skip to main content a hub for community-building, learning, exploration, and identity development. Founded in 1983, the Center’s mission is to provide a safe and affirming space that supports the diverse needs of Black-identified people at Duke University. Source link

During the 38th annual BEYA STEM Conference, Technical Sergeant De’Marcus Shanklin, who is stationed at the headquarters of the United States Air Force Recruiting Service, presented the student leadership award at the Recognition and Legacy Awards event hosted by the engineering deans of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The ceremony honored 2024 distinguished individuals, […]

The killing of a Georgia nursing student allegedly by a Venezuelan migrant has quickly intensified the country’s immigration debate as President Biden and leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump prepare trips to the border this week.

Since last August Darryl George has been separated from his classmates Houston: A Black teen who was punished at high school because of the way he wears his hair lost a court battle Thursday when a judge upheld the disciplinary action against him. Darryl George, 18, wears his hair in rope-like strands called locs, which […]

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