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A debt default by the U.S. federal government would shake up the global energy market, S&P Global Commodity Insights has warned, adding, however, that the chance of that happening was a slim one. Congress is at an impasse about the debt ceiling and recent talks between President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy ended with […]

<strong>Sierra Leonean Becomes First Deaf, Black Woman in U.S. to be Awarded Doctorate in STEM</strong> | Shine My Crown ✕ […]

European markets head for negative open as U.S. debt ceiling talks stumble; U.K. inflation falls to 8.7  CNBC Source link

A warning issued by the United States surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, on Tuesday provided guidance about an issue that has been front of mind for American parents for years: the negative effects of social media on the mental health of young people. These types of public health advisories are infrequent, but sometimes become turning […]

It was time. The phone call came that morning: Her 24 year old son, three weeks on life support, was gone. May 17, 2020. His mother gave consent. Night descends on Baldwin. In 2020, police converged on what they assumed was a violent black mob but turned out to be a prayer vigil.Photo byC.J. Teevan […]

In September 1966, two U.S. helicopters crossed the border of South Vietnam and flew 20 miles into the neutral kingdom of Cambodia. Near the town of Snuol, they blasted a Cambodian army outpost with eight rockets, killing one soldier and wounding four others. The air assault was blamed on “pilot error,” and it was just […]

Moving to a new country can stimulate personal development and emotional growth — especially for artists looking for creative inspiration. For Black Americans, however, this move can present a special set of challenges that stem from a long history of institutionalized racism, discrimination and oppression. We know, however, from the stories of our ancestors, that it […]

Comment on this storyComment Azim Alhajaa received a generic email response from the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum on May 16 that hit like a bullet to the chest. His family’s passports, which they had left there for visa processing, had been “destroyed.” His wife and children had hoped to leave the . . .

There are signs of deepening distrust between the United States and China even as the Biden administration and Beijing appeared to work to restart high-level talks.  President Joe Biden this weekend predicted a “thaw very soon” between Washington and Beijing, the world’s largest economies.  Tuesday’s arrival . . .

This Black History Tour of Atlanta Was Just Named One of the Best Travel Experiences in the U.S. Skip to content Source link

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