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A certified public accountant, Mr. Baker became a developer after seeing the power of real estate in his high-net-worth clients’ portfolios. With experience completing more than 30 affordable housing developments, including the Allen Young Apartments, a 107-unit project in Plainfield, N.J., and current work developing one of the first Passive Houses in the state, Mr. […]

Starting April 10th, small, local businesses can apply for grants up to $15,000 to help address critical operating needs and grow capacity Mayor Michelle Wu today relaunched the City of Boston’s Contracting Opportunity Fund with $750,000 available to help small, local businesses build their operational capacity and level the playing field for historically disadvantaged businesses […]

Roughly 75% of the new stores that opened in 2022 in downtown Syracuse were minority- or woman-owned, according to a new survey. Those numbers reflect a dramatic shift in the demographics of downtown, where almost half of the businesses now are woman-owned. As more stores open and the influence of traditionally underrepresented groups grows, the […]

“Education has always been a cause I’ve been passionate about. I’m proud to partner with PepsiCo to give Pensole Lewis students the recognition they deserve for their hard work and creativity,” said Westbrook, who also shared a congratulatory pre-recorded message with students. With studies showing that Black designers account for only 3% of the industry1, […]

Irvin Bishop Jr. among 2023 selectees to global group for Black business leaders, entrepreneurs OVERLAND PARK, Kan., March 28, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–

Stacey Borden is familiar with the operations at MCI-Framingham. She cycled in and out of the state-run facility, spending about seven years there over a 30-year period. Borden, like many other women who get incarcerated, started engaging in criminal activity as a result of trauma, she said. It started with . . .

March 31 is International Transgender Day of Visibility. It’s a celebration of trans and nonbinary people and a way to elevate their voices, pioneered by transgender activist Rachel Crandall Crocker in 2009. The day is also intended to raise awareness about the resilience that trans people have in the face of pervasive discrimination. It’s the […]

Women of color comprise the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States, starting businesses at four times the overall population rate. But many of these businesses don’t last long. Only 3% of Black women in the United States are running companies that have been around for more than five years. Analysts suggest that fact […]

From 1900 to 1930, many Black business communities in the United States thrived, including right here in Atlanta. Dr. Leon Prieto, a professor of management at Clayton State University and director of the university’s Center for Social Innovation & Sustainable Entrepreneurship, refers to this as the “Golden Age” of black business. He and colleague Dr. […]

Mary Jo began smoking when she was 12 years old, sneaking behind her church and picking up cigarette butts off the ground. As she got a little older, she would steal cigarettes from her brother and, by 15, she was buying her own packs – a proud Marlboro smoker. “I smoked for 30 years,” she […]

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