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In this feature, we interview organizers, journalists, scholars, and athletes working at the intersection of sports and Black struggle. We ask three general questions to all contributors and two questions related specifically to the contributor’s area of expertise. This week, we interview Courtney Cox. Dr. Courtney M. Cox is an assistant professor in the Department […]

The security guard at Tuskegee University stopped our car and told us the road was closed: We’d have to turn around. And then he kindly asked us what we were doing on campus. David Williams pointed toward me in the back seat. “Just giving our son a college tour.” With that, we turned around, and […]

Monthly Issue Athletes & Activism Activism by women athletes around the globe dominates sport headlines. From women’s professional surfers advocating for equal prize money to track runner Allyson Felix battling for maternity protections from Nike, and from Australian Football League women . . .

Trump controversially claimed his arrest in August appealed to black voters NBA legend Barkley has accused the former President of insulting black people provides all the latest international sports news  By

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The postponed 2020 Summer Olympics are just 80 days away from taking place in Tokyo against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. It will be an Olympics unlike any other — with no international fans. Athletes will have to pass a battery of nasal COVID-19 tests and are . . .

27 August 2011 The conclusions that are drawn from black athletes dominating the 100m final go a long way to explaining attitudes in wider society, argues Matthew Syed. The 100m final at the World Athletics Championships this weekend will be won by a black athlete. Every winner of the 100m since the inaugural event in […]

A healthy society is represented by individuals who take up a variety of identities, including religious identity. In a world of thousands of religions, many athletes share deep beliefs. Discover the most famous Muslim athletes around the world. Shahid Afridi of Pakistan, pictured batting during the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup match against India at […]

Looking back from the vantage point of today’s sports-crazed society, it seems inconceivable that the first African American world champion from the United States would be relegated to obscurity. Yet that’s the lot of Marshall (Major) Taylor, the star-crossed cyclist who, more than a century ago, was this country’s most recognizable and wealthiest sports figure. […]

  The Olympic Games and events like Football World Cup in the 21st century often occur in some troubling political regime. Be it China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or Russia. This is so because democracies often lose interest. The Olympic Games are financially demanding, and public opinion must be considered.   Totalitarian regimes, however, do not […]

The 2012 Olympics has again seen black athletes commanding the sprint events. For French journalist Jean-Philippe Leclaire, author of “Why Whites Run Slower”, this dominance can be explained by a combination of the right genes and hard work. Ever since American runner Jesse Owens took the 1936 Berlin Olympics by storm, black athletes have generally […]

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