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Rosie Brennan is a two-time Olympian in cross-country skiing, who came within seconds of the Olympic podium earlier this year in Beijing. She joined On Her Turf from Lillehammer, Norway, where she’s set to race at a World Cup this weekend. Brennan, who’s also celebrating her 34th birthday in Lillehammer, will be in Europe competing […]

Fresh allegations of racist slurs being used at a BYU athletic event have emerged, a month after similar claims involving the Duke volleyball team. Five women’s soccer players from a visiting team told the Guardian they heard the N-word being directed at them and their teammates from the crowd during a game at BYU in […]

CINCINNATI, OH — Scars on the glass make the focus less clear. “Basically you can do whatever you want out here, you know? Take your anger out a little bit,” said Cincinnati Cyclones defenseman Jalen Smereck. Hits are hard. Pucks are flying. Skaters are fast. “You get out here and you forget about everything,” Smereck […]

Running has long been considered one of the most efficient, convenient, and beneficial workouts. But some claim you get more out of the classic way of exercising with a new technique — or rather a 180-degree about-face. Hashtag #runningbackwards has already amassed 1.2M views on TikTok, with #reverserunning (112.4K views), #backwardrunning (102.1K views) and #runbackwards […]

Comment on this story Comment WAKRAH, Qatar — In a telltale World Cup moment Friday night beneath Al Janoub Stadium, a Uruguayan journalist began a period of national analysis by asking the manager a question so long that it threatened to stretch into 2023, a question comprised of five or six questions plus a juncture […]

ANAYLSIS: A concerted push must be made to get more international competition for the Black Sox and improve the domestic game after back-to-back Softball World Cup failures. The seven-time world champions have crashed to their worst finish after failing to make the medals round in Auckland this week. The Black Sox’s lowest previous placing was […]

There’s much to celebrate now. And yet, as Armstrong and anyone else who cares about American soccer and its long-term viability knows, the current team also obscures a bitter truth. Beyond the elite of the elite, a lot has stayed the same. “Everyone knows access is a problem and soccer is largely viewed as a […]

At Musk’s first Tesla reveal since taking over Twitter – an acquisition some investors worry has become a distraction – the company did not announce pricing for the Semi, provide details on variants of the truck it had initially projected or supply a forecast for deliveries to PepsiCo or other customers. Tesla said it would begin […]

Holly Bradshaw Female athletes were the main target of online abuse during this year’s World Championships, a World Athletics study has found. According to the research, which captured almost half a million posts on Twitter and Instagram, almost 60 per cent of abusive messages singled out women. Over 40 per cent of those detected were […]

The juggernaut business built around elite sports can sometimes overshadow a more humble but common experience of athletics: Many people interact with sports at some point in a personal way. Sometimes, it can be a quick realization that a game for whatever reason just doesn’t quite fit. But often, individuals find that the right sport, […]

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