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Bank of America and Citigroup are among the founding members of an Economic Opportunity Coalition the White House is putting together. Our other bonus coverage includes an expansion of Mastercard’s roster of buy now/pay later partners, M&A deals in Georgia and Texas and a pair of professional sports “official bank” deals in the New York […]

This week marks the first of many symposiums by the Department of Canadian Heritage and Dalhousie University in their three-year project to support Black Canadian education. Past/Future: African Canadian History, Arts and Culture in STEM Education in Canada is the first symposium of its kind in Canada. The symposium is designed to highlight the lack of […]

The newly released Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has strong provisions for reducing consumers’ pain at the gas pump, supporting American manufacturing and energy security, and improving public health and the climate by cutting pollution. As NRDC’s President, Manish Bapna, said: “This is the ultimate clean energy comeback – the strongest climate action yet in […]

In his sermons, Martin Luther King Jr often made reference to his daughter Yolanda Denise seeing him off to the Atlanta airport before work trips and passing an amusement center called Funtown along the way. When she’d ask if he could take her some day, he’d always find a way to change the subject because […]

Diné College and the Tohono O’odham Community College received multi-million-dollar grants to support their efforts to improve educational and economic opportunity within their tribal communities by improving internet access, providing more hardware and investing in information technology personnel. “We knew that we had to extend our services beyond our campuses and centers to the Navajo […]

Diving into racial literacy, antiracist education, book bans and other issues peppering the national educational dialogue, hundreds of educators convened at Teachers College and virtually over five days earlier this month for the annual Reimagining Education Summer Institute, which throughout its seven-year history, has never shied from difficult conversations around forward-thinking teaching and learning. “It’s […]

For years, educators and researchers alike have looked into the national underrepresentation of students of color—especially Black and Latino students—in Advanced Placement courses offered by the nonprofit College Board. It’s an issue of equity, researchers say, especially considering how AP courses can help prepare students for college careers and save on higher education costs. The […]

Dr. Wesley Muhammad, a student minister in the Nation of Islam, recently spoke out about the influence of rappers and the impact drill rap is having on the Black community. Here are 5 things to know about Muhammad’s views on hip-hop and drill rap. 1. Muhammad said rappers are the gods of the Black community. […]

Comment on this story Comment House Democrats passed an assault weapons ban for the first time in roughly 30 years Friday, a legislative feat on a politically fraught issue that tested the unity of the caucus.

Wellesley’s Summer Research Program is an annual chance for students to fully immerse themselves in a scientific research project. They can either dive more deeply into a topic they are already fascinated with, or take the time to explore something that might not normally fit in their regular academic schedule. Either way, judging by the […]

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