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Prescod-Weinstein will be one of the featured speakers at an event this week called Black Queer Town Hall in STEM, organized partly by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania. Black queer scientists will talk about their experiences, research, and advice for those coming after them. The panels begin Tuesday, Jan. 12,  and run through Friday, […]

When Arianna Varuolo-Clarke was growing up, her favorite evenings were spent watching the Weather Channel with her grandfather. She wanted to “chase thunderstorms” and understand where tornadoes came from, she said. She decided to become an atmospheric scientist. In 2014, she landed an internship at the National Center for Atmospheric Research as a college sophomore, […]

Over the last two decades, researchers and policymakers have been paying more and more attention to how everything from housing to racism to pollution influences health — and how these social determinants contribute to health disparities. But newer research is finding that one thing has been missing from that list: sleep.  “Sleep is absolutely a […]

You founded the group Black in Marine Science in 2020 while working as a postdoctoral researcher for The Nature Conservancy and the University of Washington in part because, you’ve said, you often found yourself to be “the only Black person in the room.” How is BIMS working to change that? The mission is to . […]

Persimmon Homes South Midlands has strengthened its sales team, with the appointment of Beth Lodge to head of sales and Graydon Worthing as sales director. As part of the Studley-based team, Lodge and Worthing will work to market and sell Persimmon Homes new builds across the South Midlands area which includes South Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, […]

Artificial intelligence image tools have a tendency to spin up disturbing clichés: Asian women are hypersexual. Africans are primitive. Europeans are worldly. Leaders are men. Prisoners are Black.

Face recognition technology in the hands of police is dangerous. Police departments across the country frequently use the technology to try to identify images of unknown suspects by comparing them to large photo databases, but it often fails to generate a correct match. And numerous studies have shown that face recognition technology misidentifies Black people […]

Mariah Wright-Moses dreams of being a neurosurgeon or a forensic scientist. But no one close to her works in a science, technology, engineering, or math field, and Wright-Moses worries about barriers for a Black woman in her chosen career path. “A lot of people don’t even know about these opportunities,” said Wright-Moses, a junior at […]

Adams, G., Kurtiş, T., Gómez, L, Molina, L. E., & Dobles, I. (2018). Decolonizing knowledge in hegemonic psychological science. In N. N. Wane & K. L. Todd (Eds.), Decolonial pedagogy: Examining sites of resistance, resurgence, and renewal (pp. 35–53). Springer. American Psychological Association, Presidential Task Force on Preventing Discrimination and Promoting Diversity. (2012). Dual pathways […]

Every myth propagated by race science has been debunked over decades. But today, the rise of the Far-right parties is giving race scientists a new tonic to fuel hatred, writes  The changing colour of skin is part of an evolutionary process. But that’s not the most important discovery a recent landmark study revealed on skin […]

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